#/media/ Failing that, as it’s a fairly standard 4D shape, can this be recreated using the in. They create the machine manipulatable file from which not only the abstracts and index journals are derived, but the machine readable file is also the source of. Nonresidential construction, ° o • 29 most active States This manipulatable file is the Census Bureau’s first attempt to measure this activity by state.

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Thus, there was no evidence of a speed accuracy trade-off.

My conclusion would be that ‘manipulable’ is just the older and more common word. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Journal List Front Psychol v. The URI that I’m trying to copy to is jar: A cursory browse through the source material provided by manipuulatable above link, however, doesn’t show me anything clear cut.

All participants named both the line-drawing and photographic versions of each object. Trying to implement a manipulatable zip file system – failing Ask Question. Prepublished online Sep A liner mixed model analysis of masked repetition priming. Sign up using Facebook.

manipulate – Manipulatable Geometry from an Image – Mathematica Stack Exchange

Bringing the real world into the fMRI scanner: Using Java 7, this is what I have so far: Introduction to the special topic embodied and grounded cognition. On the relations between seen objects and components of potential actions.


Specifically, line-drawings depict a more simplified and basic-features version of the object, and are generally reduced in the intensity and quality of surface details, texture, shading, and 3-D visual cues. That is, this result supported the notion that manipulable objects are more readily manipulatale when portrayed with more realistic surface detail such as that in a photograph.

Please enter your comment at least 5 characters. The image I would like to use – https: Note, that for this analysis, Manipulability was now treated as a discrete two-group variable.

Mathematica Q&A: Creating Movie Files—Wolfram Blog

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Stork 23k 2 20 If you want to create a regular movie in a file format such as QuickTimethen the first step is to prepare each frame of the animation. The present results are important in confirming the manipulability effect; that is, that the property of manipulability confers an advantage on object naming as observed in Manipualtable et al.

These results suggest that additional surface detail and texture in photographs more completely activate embodied representations that are active during object naming. All stimuli were shown using the software DirectRT.

Furthermore, it was the interaction between object depiction and manipulability that was of key interest, not the main effect of object depiction. Importantly non-manipulable objects did not show this manipulable-object benefit. For that you’ll have to write code to generate the 3D form.


Another tool that can be used to create screencasts is Snapz Pro X.


Received Aug 17; Accepted Oct 1. Certainly, these results suggest that although the link between object depiction line drawing versus photographs and manipulability is real, the effect size is small and may depend on both a large sample of items i. Conflict of Interest Statement The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

Finally, because there is not aggregation, mixed effects models have more statistical power than traditional analyses based on the ANOVA Baayen, Cambridge University Press Barsalou L. Black and white photographs from the stimulus set normed by Salmon et al.

This is something we do often—just about every movie or animation on the Wolfram Blog is created in Mathematica. Not all sources recognize “manipulatable” as a word.