Download Citation on ResearchGate | Managing Middlescence | They make up more than half your workforce. They work longer hours than. Welcome to middlescence. Like adolescence, it can be a time of frustration, confusion, and alienation. But it can also be a time of self-discovery. Citation: () “Managing middlescence”, Human Resource Management International Digest, Vol. 14 Issue: 5, ead.

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They cut the training and development budget first in lean times.

This perception is unfortunate because people tend to return from sabbaticals more committed than ever. In fact, they should be viewed as a two-way pairing maanging knowledge to gain with knowledge to share.

Managing Middlescence. – Semantic Scholar

Both mentor and partner take a class to learn some guidelines what to talk about, how to maximise the mutual benefit of their relationship and then they set the details of that relationship in a contract that specifies goals and deadlines. Looking for less travel and more time with his young family, Jim joined Prudential Relocation’s new Phoenix office in as director of service delivery, managing a team of The tacit assumptions are that mid-career people have been trained already, and what little additional training they might need they get on the job.

Participation in leadership development programs is a form of recognition of an employee’s value and potential, and workers graduate from them with a renewed comm.

As sales director for the West Coast, he went up against his former employer.

They just need mannaging occasion-and perhaps a little assistance-to unleash and channel all that potential. Firms are too often blindsided when valuable people up and quit.


Policies formal or tacit regarding required time in role between job changes may be too strict. The results for Jim and the company were beyond excellent. After years on the line, such imddlescence literally know the products inside and out, and probably want a change of work.

Managing Middlescence.

It’s just a better kind of tired. Yet only 43 per cent are passionate about their jobs, just 33 per cent feel energised by their work, 36 per cent say they feel that they are in dead-end jobs, and more than 40 per cent report feelings of burnout.

How can I make the next phase of my life as meaningful as possible? He acknowledges that he had to check his ego, but he was ready for a change, and he knew that he managijg apply what he’d learned 20 years earlier in Mexico. If your organisation wants to control its fate and costs when the boomer retirement wave and associated brain drain hit with full force, start today to systematically retain and recruit people with the skills and capabilities you will want to keep on hand for the long middlesecnce.

Your organisation may have a job-posting system but still fill most openings through under-the-table recruiting that bypasses official channels.

There was the manager who was beginning to realise that he’d never become the company president, the senior executive who felt that she had sacrificed her life and her spirit for her job, and the technician who was bored stiff with his unchallenging assignments. Second, be sure to find the keepers. Corporate training today is disproportionately aimed at the young especially new employees who need to learn the basics and at the high potentials.

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Such barriers take many forms. Then he joined the executive ranks, most recently running HR for worldwide manufacturing operations. Generationally, most of today’s and all of the older mid-career employees are baby boomers, their values forged in the midst of the Vietnam War, Watergate, and the civil rights and women’s rights movements.

Earlier generations looked to their work for security and material success; the way to combat restlessness was usually to hunker down and focus on one’s current job. Mid-career employees middelscence the least likely to say their workplace is congenial and fun or that it offers ample opportunity to try new things.

He worked in Mexico during the mids, a period of explosive growth there. Meanwhile, too many organisations foster a silent conspiracy against education: Many companies risk losing some of their best people, who may opt for early retirement or seek more exciting work elsewhere.

Managing middlescence

Many of today’s idealistic yet frustrated boomers have different goals. A common feature of academic employment relationships, sabbaticals remain rare and underused in the business world. From their ranks come most of your top managers. We all have strengths; find yours and play to them.

So the factory’s top managers started matching partners with mentors who had the needed skills and knowledge. In the years ahead, both tangible talent shortages and growing disengagement from work will present unprecedented challenges to business productivity and growth.