Are you ready for a monster discussion on base training, the Maffetone Method, and more training geekery? Base Training Running. I definitely am – and this. Dr. Maffetone’s unique training system for champions proves that the kinder, gentler approach actually works the best. This fitness regimen has worked for. For 30 days I have followed the Maffetone Method, building my aerobic base by slowing down and focusing on low heart rate running and.

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Most well known for finding success with methhod method is six-time Ironman champion Mark Allen who credits this approach with allowing him to continue training, racing and winning for many years.

Every animal on earth knows how to be optimally healthy, but humans have gone astray; getting back your instincts and intuition is one of the benefits of this process.

During the summer months this meyhod slowing down a great deal, but during the winter Maffftone found I had to push much harder to even hit the HR which resulted in a 4 min half marathon PR after just a few months of training.

About Amanda Brooks Amanda Brooks is an long time distance runner with a passion of every facet of running, which leads her to do more reading, research and running than necessary. Your times should consistently improve. I plan to continue using it for this coming race season.

My metyod few double digit runs went like this… 11 miles at Run as close to your target heart rate as you can for the entire test 4. In just a week my pace increased over 2 minutes per mile at the same heart rate on the same running terrain. I rarely ran over 9: As the hot summer arrives in Alabama, I know that most of my runs the mafretone few months will be a struggle, and it will be kaffetone to keep my heart rate down in the heat, leading to more walking and slower paces than I would prefer.


Comparing fasted-state runs to runs after breakfast, it was pretty clear that food and hunger also have a strong impact on my heart rate and running performance. This is great for getting faster, but my legs are sore!

Enduring the summer heat and humidity, along with maffehone to build a strong aerobic base could lead to major gains once the temperature drops next fall and winter, especially once I get to a point where I can add speed work again. The purpose of this was not to further torture myself, although it was torture, but it is part of the process of training my body to burn fat for fuel instead of relying too heavily on carbs during runs.

maaffetone I also leaned out from the process, which told me I was indeed using fat for fuel, and found that once I did add speed back into the equation, my race times improved substantially.

While carbs were mostly non-existant in my diet, my body was struggling.

I am trying to keep perspective that a few months of slow running can ultimately help me run faster and further with less injuries, but meanwhile I have this fear that I will lose all the speed that I worked so hard to attain. I got decent sleep for a few days. Is utilizing LHR something that might help you become a better runner? The carb cravings were finally dissipating.

Find all the tips, tricks and tools you need from this running coach for your best injury free running. View my full privacy and review policy. Like a 3 hour movie that could be 2 hours, this book is good…but redundant. How often do you pay attention to heart rate?

30 Days of Low Heart Rate Running (Maffetone Method)

Then I would run 9: I shared my initial results while training for t he NYC marathonbut as noted I went off track and did my own thing the last month. My shorter runs were also falling in the Subtract your age 3. Compared to my old paces, this is still slow, but just a week earlier I ran 10 miles at only Comments I understand the Maff Method, now how do you figure out your weekly mileage for marathon training?


First, it trains your body to burn more stored fat for energy we maffdtone burn varying amounts of both sugar and fat.

Maffetone Method – Low Heart Rate Marathon Plan – RunToTheFinish

The breakthrough did not come on Monday as I ran 6. All opinions, tips and reviews are based upon my personal life experience and the experiences of those around me. Psychologically I needed that breakthrough last week to keep my motivated and to build my confidence in this whole process. I could run as much as I wanted so long as I stayed under the HR provided.

Graphic designed by FreePik. LHR training during the Florida summer is rough. Since I am a month into Maffetone Method low heart rate running, I need to keep running slow on every single workout for at least another months before I start adding in any tempo runs or speed workouts again.

After 3 weeks of the Primal Diet and almost 4 weeks of running with the Maffetone MethodI suddenly had a major breakthrough. Most of my runs the last 2 years were progressive runs, meaning I would start at a slower pace and gradually run a little bit faster each mile, kicking as hard as I can down the final stretch of my run.