Lost Spring/ Lost Spring. Stories of Stolen Childhood. About the author. Anees Jung () was born in Rourkela and spent her childhood and adolescence. The story, “Lost Spring” describes the pitiable condition of poor children Anees Jung gives voice to eliminate child labour by educating the. Anees Jung gives voice to eliminate child labour by educating the Ans. Anees Jung has portrayed two stories in ‘Lost Spring’ and both depict.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Later she went abroad for higher studies. They have had no jobs aneee no way of earning a livelihood.

Mukesh is different from the rest of the folk there. They loved Seemapuri because they could survive here.

There are quite a few things that are unreachable to them, namely shoes, tennis and the like. They work through the garbage with a hope that one day they would get a gold coin or a rupee note from the garbage heap.

Best of Luck for your Board Exams: She jokingly enquired whether he would enroll in her school if she happened to open one.

Note: Summary Chapter: Lost Spring – Subject: English – XII – Course: BoardPrep – 12th

He was not happy as he had lost his freedom. Sampratikshya Das rated it it was amazing Oct 24, Q3 What explanations does the author offer for the children not wearing foot wear? Firozabad is famous for bangles. Sheza ‘Shez’ marked it as to-read Dec 16, Lack of education and awareness, stigma of being born in the caste of banglemakersvicious nexus of sahukarsmiddlemen, politicians and police suppresses the bangle makers and keep them poverty stricken. Abubakr Ahmed marked it as to-read Jun 15, The determination and strong will of becoming a motor mechanic and learning to drive a car, seems to be as firm as a rock in Mukesh.


Even after much toil, they do not get full meal. Most of the rag pickers live here. Broken spirit, dormant initiative, fear of being beaten and dragged to jail, absence of leadership are the other forces which conspire to keep them in poverty.

Lalit Jain marked it as to-read Feb 28, Nearly 20, children are engaged in this business and the epring that forbids child labour is not known here.

Megha Sarkar marked it as to-read Sep 14, Saheb is a rag-picker of Seemapuri. The title is meaningful as they lost their spring childhood. As a young boy he would go to school past this old temple and stop briefly to pray for a pair of shoes. Weighed down by the debt, they can neither think nor find a way to come of out of this trap.

The Lost Spring by Anees Jung | liveenglish12

Their fields and homes had been swept away by storms. They did not know that it was illegal for children to work in that hazardous condition in the glass factories.

They are dpring victims of greed and injustice. These people have desires and ambitions, but they do not know the way to achieve them.

Sahil Talaulikar is currently reading it Apr 14, The rag pickers have no juhg out of poverty since they have no chance to go to school and be educated.

Class XII – Flamingo – Lost Spring

He and his fellow rag pickers are barefooted and the reason one of them gives is his mother does not bring his shoes down from the shelf. Sneh Pradhan rated it liked it Dec 27, The bangle makers firmly believe that having been born in the caste and community of bangle makers, they cannot escape their losy and must remain where they are.


It inflicts physical and mental harm to the boys. I — Sometimes I find a rupee in the garbage. Q9 How do children of rag pickers become equal partners in survival?

This story narrates about the children of the bangle makers of Firozabad. More than 10, rag-pickers of Seemapuri live in squatters. The writer comes soring Mukesh in Firozabad.

The Lost Spring by Anees Jung

But he had no choice in the matter. He had lost his freedom and carefree look. They have no money to switch over their profession. On the other hand Mukesh was determined to become motor mechanic and was ready to make every possible effort to accomplish his dreams. Q5 Give a brief account of the life and activities of the people like Saheb-e-Alam settled in Seemapuri. No, rag picking is not the same for parents and children. Yet it loost on unabated at the industrial towns like Firozabad, Shivakasi, Mirzapur and so on.

Most people, who have migrated from villages to cities, have done so because of the promise of a better life.