Lophiosilurus alexandri: MZUEL , 3, to mm SL, Estação de Piscicultura de Três Marias, CODEVASF, on the upper São Francisco. The “pacamã”, Lophiosilurus alexandri, is a particularly interesting case for addressing this problem. Lophiosilurus alexandri is the largest.

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Dorsal lobe of caudal fin slightly longer than ventral lobe. Table 1 Minimum Minmaximum Maxaverage Meanalexandgi deviation SD and coefficient of variance CV of relative body measurements in larvae and juveniles of Lophiosilurus alexandr i.

Many of these changes can in fact be interpreted as series of transformations of character states with genetic basis and functional expression. According to Lovejoy et al. Small gill alexanddi present within the first day. Relative to standard length, measurements of snout length, head depth and body depth are smaller in juveniles than in larvae, but body width is larger.

Lophiosilurus alexandri – Wikiwand

Cruciglanis pacifici has the highest proportion of body depth indicating its relatively deep body, and Microglanis parahybae and M. Allgemeine Grundzuge der organischen Formen-Wissenschaft, mechanisch alexandrk durch die von Charles Darwin reformite Descendz-Theoria, 2 vols. The caudal fin is responsible for swimming in most fishes [ 29 ], and the upper lobe is distinctly wider than the lower lobe in species that are typically benthic and need fast bottom-up movements [ 303132 ].


However, as specimens grow, the dorsalmost rays of the upper lobe become relatively shorter, and the middle rays of the upper lobe are relatively longer, including the adults.

AMNH1, AMNH4, alexancri Therefore, given its large size, unique shape, and controversial phylogenetic position, L. The lateral-line system is well developed in adults of Lophiosilurusdistributed over the head and as a midlateral canal over the body from head to caudal-fin base. Anal-fin base becoming longer than adipose-fin base. Pelvic fin, when adpressed, reaching origin of anal-fin base.

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Even though fully developed specimens of the latter have the coloration of Lophiosilurusjuveniles of C. Adipose fin defined after 42 days. Nevertheless, the phylogenetic significance of these transformation series is unknown for most species of Neotropical fishes.

Allometric larval growth of the bottom-dwelling catfish Lophiosilurus alexandri Steindachner, Siluriformes: USNMholotype, Phylogeny and jaw ontogeny of beloniform fishes.

Individuals were reared from natural spawning of wild adults in flowing water. Morphometric variables were expressed as percentages of standard length, except for subunits of the head, expressed as percentages of head length. Anal fin fully formed, last ray separated from ventral finfold.


The funders had no role in study design, data aexandri and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

The extreme condition in L.

Comparative material Batrochoglanis acanthochiroides: Buds of maxillary and mentonian barbels present only within the 1 st day of development. Notochord visible by alexandfi with flexion in caudal region. Upon hatching, the larvae remain at the bottom of the nest and do not move vertically into the water column. There is no indication that this character represents a direct i.

Lophiosilurus alexandri – Wikipedia

The Biogenetic law, proposed by Haeckel [ 2 ] and reformulated by Nelson [ 1 ], says that the steps of an ontogenetic series can be directly translated into an ordered series of character states. Empresa das artes; Bull Am Mus Nat Hist. At the lophiosiilurus of postflexion 42 days; Fig 4a, 4b and 4chead width increases, equals length.