Leopold has long been a worldwide leader in the water and wastewater treatment industry supplying both filtration and clarification systems. Leopold History. • In the filtration business since • Pioneer of the Dual/ Parallel Lateral Underdrain. • Benefits from own product development center/ R&D. Leopold Underdrain vs. Nozzle Floor. Page 2. Leopold Underdrain vs. Nozzle Underdrain. Dual Parallel Lateral Filter Underdrains. Nozzle Floor.

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Comments on this site are submitted by users and are not endorsed by nor do they reflect the views or opinions of COLE Publishing, Inc. Can be designed for center and front flumes.

Request more detailed information or literature. Both feature a unique water recovery channel for superior air scouring and water backwash performance.

Filterworx Performance Filter

The underdrain evacuates filtered water from the filter during the filter run and introduces water and air during backwashing and air scour. More driving head results in longer filter run times. Both are constructed of high-density polyethylene HDPE construction for strength and corrosion resistance. Locate a distributor in your area. Uniform distribution of air and water even in extra-long lengths. By washing percent of the media between laterals, the underdrain increases filter run times, reduces backwash water consumption and extends media filter life, leading to lower operating costs and energy savings.


New at WEFTEC: Xylem Launches Underdrain… | Treatment Plant Operator

Suitable for drinking water plants and desalination plants. Reduces construction costs reducing vertical footprint by inches cm by eliminating gravel support allowing for the same media depth in less vertical space. More driving underdraun results in longer filter runs.

At WEFTEC this year, Xylem highlighted its Leopold Type underdrain — a bolt-down underdrain system for greenfield projects and rehabilitation leopol water treatment filtration projects. Self-cleaning technology removes sediment buildup in the underdrain over time.

Type S underdrain is ideal for designs requiring longer laterals.

Easy handling – snap together for quick installation. Newsletter Sign Up Join 16, of your colleagues who already get great content delivered right to their inbox. With lateral lengths over 40 feet, it is suited for long filter runs and retrofits of existing filters.

Leopold Universal Type S® Underdrain by Xylem

Company Profile Email Us. EPA LT2 rules on contaminants of emerging undererain, and the rehabilitation of existing media filters. Get General articles, news and videos right in your inbox!

Leopold Type S technology underdrain is designed to provide uniform distribution of wash water and air to clean every corner of the filter without media upset.

The underdrain is compatible with all standard flume and air configurations. Durable reinforced polymer maximizes strength against harsh elements while reducing overall weight for easier transport and installation. Leopold Underdrains Thanks to Xylem. Click Here To Download: Best uplift resistance – withstands uplift pressures up to 30 psi 2 bar.


Provides even backwash distribution to deep clean filter media. Physically rigid design reduces flexing and withstands pressures up to 15 psi 1 bar. March 06, Towering Above the Competition. September 13, Stellar Management.

Leopold Universal Type S® Underdrain by Xylem

Precision-engineered 1 mm slots support media down to microns 1. The Type underdrain helps solve challenges in biologically active filtration systems, indirect and direct potable reuse applications, new drinking water applications addressing the U.

Physically rigid design reduces flexing and withstands pressures up to 15 psi. Type SL underdrain features a lower profile, making it ideal for shallow leopopd where greater filter media depth is desired. The modular underdrain blocks are easy to handle and snap together for quick installation.

It includes an innovative degree backwash capability designed to boost efficiency by up to 20 percent. This eliminates media dead zones that can develop due to gaps in backwashing coverage. Click the button below to directly contact the supplier.

Can be designed for wall-feed applications as well as center flume, front flume and Leopold Flat Bottom flume. Air stability is improved with all orifices providing uniform and continuous airflow.