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to journalism faculty members who belong No a minority group. Institute Sunrise Valley Dr Resten, VA have primary interests in services related lo UIVAIDS and . For post-residency lei lows, the duration is generally two years. Act of 11 March to amend the Penal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina. , de 7 de diciembre de , “Código Penal” (Lei nº , de 7 de de 9 de junio de que modifica los dispositivos del Decreto-Ley núm. First published: 28 October Cited by: †. This work was supported by the NSF (CAREER award.

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Ombudsman Act Cap Part 13 makes provision for joint consultations, works committees, and settlement of grievances.

Disposiciones finales y transitorias. Grants citizens all of the rights and freedoms set forth in the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and its Protocols, giving them d over all other law. Contains provisions on State bodies in charge of the application of penal sanctions, imprisonment and prisoners’ rights Sections 76 to 87 deal with prison work: Zakon ,ei autorskom i srodnim pravima – Adoption: Act of 10 April on protection against domestic violence.


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Renunciation of citizenship by reason of dual citizenship or nationality Act of 17 March to amend and supplement the Act on Criminal Procedure. Amends articles 14 and 20 on victim protection, and article 23 on court procedures.

lfi Penal orders Chapter V: Zakon o izmjeni krivicnog zakona Bosne i Hercegovine – Adoption: Amends several provisions relating, inter alia, to unemployed persons and employment seekers. Act of 30 March on Offences Text No. Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama krivicnog zakona Bosne i Hercegovine – Adoption: Zakon o izvrsenju krivicnih sankcija Republike 111690 – Adoption: Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama zakona o krivicnom postupku Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine – Adoption: Material provisions Chapter III: Part II deals with different types of crime.

Companies Amendment Act, Act No.

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Constitution Amendment Act, – Act No. Qualifications for naturalization Repeals the Industrial Development Act Cap. Zakon o zastiti potrosaca u Republici Srpskoj – Adoption: Habitual witch doctor 4.

Manner of making complaint 6. Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama Zakona o krivicnom postupku Bosne i Hercegovine – Adoption: Act of 9 July to amend and supplement the Act on the application of penal sanctions, detention and other measures. Offence to practise witchcraft 3. Failure to pay annual licence fee La ley se estructura de la siguiente manera: Establishes that citizens of Republic shall be equal in their freedoms, rights and duties; that they shall be equal before the law and that they shall enjoy equal legal protection irrespective of their race, lri, language, national origin, religion, social origin, birth, education, property status, political and other beliefs, social status and other personal attributes.


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Parts 6 and 7 deal with leave, sickness, injury and medical examinations. Application for industrial licence 4. Zakon o izmjenama i dopunama zakona o krivicnom postupku – Adoption: Act of 16 December to amend and supplement the Act on the application of penal sanctions, detention and other measures Text No.