2 Reprinted for Kundalini Awakening Systems 1. KUNDALINI-. PSYCHOSIS OR TRANSCENDENCE? Lee Sannella, M.D.. Washington Street. Many people have heard of the extraordinary phenomenon of kundalini awakening, and a growing number have had firsthand experience — in Lee Sannella. With me today in the studio is Dr. Lee Sannella, a physician and author of The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence? Dr. Sannella is the founder .

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She felt hot kundqlini of the time, particularly in her chest and throat, yet sensations of coldness were mixed in. What is its optimal form? Allie Leeann marked it as to-read Jan 24, Her kundalini activity has thus far consisted chiefly of visionary and auditory experiences, though she has also encountered other typical kundalini phenomena. Lists with This Book.

She felt the kundalini energy pushing and pulling in her face and at the top of her head. After a few minutes, he experienced a blissful calm and many inner visions, in which Swami Muktananda appeared to him and helped him experience a fusion with the guru.

When she resumed her meditation practice, she switched over to the Buddhist technique of vipassanaexpreience her breathing, body sensations, and thoughts.

That Current, like a monkey, suddenly with one jump reaches the Sahasrara [crown center]. This holy man described the signs of kundalini awakening in vivid personal terms. Thus the Korean Zen master and expeeience Dr. She felt as if there were a hole in the top of her head.

Seo informed me in that the chi energy travels up the body, especially the back, then over the top of the head to the face, finally passing down through the throat to terminate in the abdomen. He and I burned our hands slightly in putting the fire out. Indescribable sensations and sharp pains run from his feet up his legs and over his back and neck. Simultaneously, a tingling sensation moved upward from his stomach. Housewife In this woman, who was then in her mid-fifties, experienced the onset of an intense and disturbing process.


In she switched to Tibetan visualization techniques to correct what a Tibetan meditation master had diagnosed as a lopsided energy flow. In his work Fire of Love 1. I would say it is a must read for those who think they might need some quick reliable info. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He Pointed out that a Yoga master who has control over his heart activity may still not have an awakened kundaiini, whereas this and Slr ui ar abilities may well be absent in an adept of Kundaiini Yoga.

The word sahasrara is composed of sahasra, mean- i n g thousand, and ara, meaning “spoke. It is also more easily observed and measured than other physiological changes during this process. Yinzadi marked it as to-read Aug 24, Upon being touched by the Swami, he went into a deep meditation. The lower extremities tend to become cold and corpselike.

At times her eyes seemed to move separately, and the pupils felt like holes that bored into her head and met in the center. But time and again, he would rupture this by claiming credit for his condition.

As the aroused kundalini current passes through each center, it temporarily energizes it and then, as it moves on, absorbs its energy. The next incident was fierce burning in her legs, which then spread into her chest and arms. One may look upon these cases as possible examples of how pent-up psychosomatic energy can become externalized, since heat is one of the regular manifestations of an active kundalini.

The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis Or Transcendence? – Lee Sannella – Google Books

In a recent follow-up interview, she reported her old kundalini headaches are persisting but the energetic disturbances have gone. The kunvalini couple suffered sensations of being struck, shaken, scratched, and choked.

Note for Physicians and Neurologists Appendix 5: The back pain disappeared toward the end of the meditation and did not return. He particularly noted that his anal area was pierced with pain. She also had sensations of emptiness and of her voice not being generated by herself.


The Kundalini Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence

As a result he experienced powerful surges of energy that sent sanhella uro-genital system into orgiastic spasms. She looks upon her practically instantaneous healing as a gift of grace. He further experienced, still from a detached witnessing disposition, all manner of purely spontaneous sounds being emitted from that hole in the throat.

It is as if the whole frame were full of electricity, p. This was followed by free-floating anxiety and headaches. The kundalini energy resumed its flow up the spine and down the face and trunk. Similarly, the kundalini produces the most striking sensations when it encounters a part of the psychophysiological system that offers particular resistance.

An electrical current produces light when it passes through a thin tungsten filament, but not when it travels through a thick copper wire, because the filament offers appreciable resistance while the wire does not.

The tingling sensation spread further down to the mouth and chin. Although she realized she was still in relative darkness, she continued to see brightness for several minutes. Although I accepted the unacceptable, I still had no orientation, no forms or modes of life for this quantum leap in energy level.

In the prologue to his work he remarked that “oft have I groped my breast, seeing whether leee burning were of any bodily cause outwardly. Frequently he would experience peace and bliss. Today, ten years later and several years into his retirement, the professor no longer experiences any dramatic manifestations of the kundalini process. He feels his body tearing within.

I hope that in its present revised and expanded form it will be even more useful to many more people. Then the young husband decided to convert to Catholicism. Karthik marked it as to-read Nov experiecne,