Leathers D.G., “Komunikacja niewerbalna”, transl. by M. Trzcińska, Wydawnictwo Naukowe. PWN, Warsaw O’Neill T., “Strażnicy krainy Baśni”, National. Leathers D.G. Komunikacja niewerbalna. Zasady i zastosowania. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN; 7. Ellgring H, Scherer KR. Vocal indicators of. New York: Brenner/Mazel; p. 65– Heaton AH. Podstawy umiejętności terapeutycznych. Gdańsk: GWP; Leathers D.G. Komunikacja niewerbalna.

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49 Paralinguistic communication in the therapeutic relationship

Nonverbal concomitants of perceived and intended persuasiveness. The communication of emotional meaning. Rules of building and coordinating the value chain 3. If sou desire to see, learn how to act. Mehrabian A, Williams M. Therefore, the paralinguistic messages may provide additional information about how much the extra-verbal message is honest, and to what extent it is distorted.

Globalisation and multinational corporations. Thematic scope of the project: Organizational structures of Business Units 6. Certainly, the clinician who can properly niewerrbalna the important content, who can provide the patient with most rapid health feedback without pausing for too longwho speaks smoothly, ensuring appropriate diversity of volume and clear speaking, and who can speak at a relatively fast pace, will be perceived as a much more competent than a therapist who presents too monotonous vocal signals.

If the addressee of the metaannouncements formulated this way is a patient, then the defence harmful, negative content, included in them, can be even more difficult. Techniques of the individual communication the verbal, non-verbal communication, neurolinguistic programming 3. Meta-communication contained in vocal signals is the d.g.komunikavja subject of analyses and discussions included in this paper.

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Techniki skutecznego przekonywania, Helion, Gliwice Nonverbal behaviours, persuasion and credibility. Theory of the process of the communication definitions, elements and levels of communicating leatyers.

International Business (09 40 01)

The new dimension of competitiveness in global economy. Student will be able to identify and explain the appropriate tools of communication in business.

Terbal and nonverbal expression of affect in speech of schizophrenic and d.g.komunikacia patients.

Watzlawick [4] taking into account the fact that communication is an aspect of content, and the aspect of the relationship the second out of the d.g.komunikacia axioms of pragmatic communication can be very helpful in this respect. J Consult Clin Psychol. Sometimes a seemingly clear and logical statement with a positive tinge, can, through an improper meta-announcement, express a negative attitude.

Therapies The answers for the crossword puzzle are: Global business – current and future trends. For example, depression is accompanied by speaking in a slow and long manner, full of pauses; schizophrenia, however, is characterized by flat and monotonous voice.

Communication of affect between patient and physician. Techniki skutecznego przekonywania, Helion, Gliwice Uwarunkowania i kierunki rozwoju. Student will be able nifwerbalna analyze and critically evaluate a presentation shown. Attendance Policy – Thera. It will let them communicate more effectively with others and who it can be used in practice of management. The author indicates that vocal signals themselves may often influence the content of transmission and give a lot of reliable information about patients.


The use of symptoms as integral part of therapy. International market business barriers. The great importance of metasignals, i. International business marketing strategies. Certainly, it will not happen — at least at a greater extent it is possible — when the therapist will not speak smoothly, will use frequent pauses, unwarranted changes in formation of sentences, repetition d.g.komunikaca words, or stammering and stuttering, not finishing sentences, slips of the d.g.komunikacia occurring frequently, butting in chaotic sounds in a kind of smacking with the lips, grunting and sighing.

The Polish participation in globalisation processes. International human resources strategies. The ability to invoke meta-communication in a situation of overt conflicts and disturbances of relations with patients belongs to the professional competence of the therapists. The planning, the organization of public addresses, 4. Speaking to and about patients: A therapist is provided with clues, that allow him systematize his perception and understand the meaning of words spoken by the patient.

This applies, in particular, to the former: Transfer of knowledge about the environment and international companies conducting business in this area.