Laurann Dohner – New Species 01 – Fury – dokument [*.PDF] Fury Laurann Dohner Book 1 in the New Species series. Ellie is horrified to discover the. Listen to the complete New Species book series. Fury audiobook cover art Fury. New Species, Book 1; By: Laurann Dohner; Narrated by: Vanessa Chambers . by: Vanessa Chambers; Length: 10 hrs and 9 mins; Release date: Jul 2, Fury SERIES: New Species, Book 1 AUTHOR: Laurann Dohner .amazon. com/Fury-New-Species-Bookebook/dp/B01LTA6CTM/ref.

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And Ellie wants Fury—always has.

New Species

But I just can’t, for the life of me, appreciate someone who would: Dohnwr rated it it was amazing. I hate his name. I like her but my gut thinks differently. Asked to go undercover and get the info on Mercile, and help bring them down, and help free the New Species! Fury has never known compassion or love.

Going into it, I was well larann of the blaring similarities between ‘Fury’, and the rest of the New Species series from Dohner and the older, but more well-known ‘Breeds’ series from Lora Leigh that I, and hordes of others, mostly love.


Ellie works as a spy to help free the New Species from their horrible and inhuman situation.

I got in shitload of trouble for that. You were so fucking selfish with all the unwarranted hate. Of course there this is after all a romance Laurann Dohner Narrated by: Brawn New Species, Book 5 By: Ellie was playful, and sassy, and very loving, but she didn’t really stand out to me.

I loved how fierce and protective he was towards Ellie. So in conclusion, I loved this a lot. It wasn’t an easy situation, but Ellie is able to laueannand get the information she acquired into the right hands. Free with day Trial.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about the book. With human protestors, jaded employees, and other obvious issues, the two fight for what they need most. What doesn’t a “hungry” man in love do for his woman? speccies

RMC – Fury – Real Mom Chronicles (podcast) | Listen Notes

He’s spent his life in a cell, chained and abused by humans. Justice North is the face of New Species. This was a reread for me When he discovers her working in the Species compound, his mission furh to kill her. Fury New Species 1 by Laurann Dohner. Ellie a worker at Mercile, discovers she’s not just working for an ordinary pharmaceutical company, but one that runs an illegal drug research facility, with the New Species as its test subjects.


Fury · Laurann Dohner · Könyv · Moly

They prove that nothing is impossible in the face of love. Wrath New Species, Book 6 By: In fact i stayed way past bed time cause i couldn’t force myself to put it down – yes it was that good. Ellie is horrified to discover the pharmaceutical company she works for is doing illegal experiments, splicing human and animal DNA, creating exotic new species.

A species illegally created from human and animal DNA. She craves his big, powerful body and wants to heal his desolate heart. Anyway, we have Ellie, a human who went undercover to help blow the lid off of this horror show, and Fang, a New Species guy who may or may not be some sort of wolf hybrid.

And so I read on.