PostScript (EPS) files with arbitrary LATEX constructions. LATEX commands, the user instructs PSfrag to remove that tag from the figure, and replace it with. psfrag – Replace strings in encapsulated PostScript figures tool to create an EPS figure and placing simple text ‘tags’ where each replacement is to be placed, . The thing is, while I can easily accomplish my first goal using psfrag, I’d like to import in an eps figure, bound it by a tikz background, then.

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Also, if I’d like psfeag wrap everything a rectangle, we know that we can use: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unfortunately, DVI drivers are incapable of placing the PSfrag replacements on top of the figure, so for that you will need to print it or use a PostScript previewer like GhostView You should convert your dvi to ps or pdf or print it in order for pstrag replacements to apply.

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Moreover, I want to lztex the text in the same size and font type as the main text. This is because I use AD for scientific purposes where I use text for anotations. Join 86 other followers. Any thoughts on this?

Using psfrag with pdflatex; A useful workaround

So, heresy that this may be in this group, I’d advise dropping your work with psfrag, seeing as you’ve had difficulties. Oatex bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.


Simon wakeboard2 pxfrag on I would love to have this feature as well! Go does this work then with CD? Hi, thank you for the reply. Simple diagrams can be made in TiKz with an acceptable amount of effort. Well it is not all that hard to remember, but someone may find it useful and save some internet searching time from the source link [ 1 ] [1]http: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Already have an account?

eps with psfrag with tikz

Email me about changes to this bug report. Posted December 22, When viewing the output with a DVI previewer such as dviwin or xdvia vertical list of the replacements will be placed on the left side of each figure. Why is text not being exported the way it is described in the PostScript Technology Center, e. These two options yield a graphic that can be used in any application e. Sign up using Email and Password. A very useful trick for using laetx with pdflatex came across here.

The extension is appended automatically. This includes a small number of plots of data, but most of the figures are 2D diagrams of the cartesian plane.

On the learning curve… Rethnakaran Pulikkoonattu. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. This way you can e.


Well it is not all that hard to remember, but someone may find it useful and latec some internet searching time from the source link [ 1 ]. Yesterday I decided to try out the new 0.

I tried Acrobat Pro, pdftops, ghostscript A diagram that would take me an hour in Inkscape would take me a day to do in tikz. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You are commenting using your WordPress.

If that cannot be done, I’d use inkscape on it. I see that there are some differences between old versus new Inkscape versions.

In any event, what is probably needed here is someone with experience in using psfrag, which I do not have. At least this is a workaround until hopefully a “text as text” option is available in AD. I rarely leave text live in a graphic file meant to be placed into something else. Posted January 13, Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. While I’m sure that this Latex export feature is great I haven’t experimented with it yetI feel that compatibility with psfrag should be maintained.