Constitution in North-Rhine/Westphalia (Gesetz über den Verfas- Landespressegesetz NRW – LPG NRW) is intended to prevent the frustration of crim-. 9 Abs. 1 Nr. 1 Pressegesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen . 29 Heilberufsgesetz (HeilBG NRW) of in der Fassung vom. Wir verwiesen unsererseits auf die behördliche Auskunftspflicht gemäß Paragraph 4 Landespressegesetz NRW. Immerhin auf die Lokalpresse ist Verlass.

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Cross-Border Trade in Services In order to engage in the occupation of road transport operator, a Swedish licence is needed. Establishment is required, as well as Bulgarian nationality for the natural person carrying out activities for geodesy, cadastral surveying, and in cartography when studying movements of the earth crust. Nationality of a Member State of the EU and residency commercial presence is required in order to obtain full admission to the Bar.

Investment and Cross-Border Trade in Services Full admission to the Bar is required for the practice of legal services in respect of EU law and the law of a Member State of the EU, including representation before courts. Cross-Border Trade in Services The provision of rail transport services requires a licence, which can only be granted to railway undertakings established in a Member State of the EU.

Im Land Nordrhein-Westfalen werden als berufliche Vertretungen der. Cross-Border Trade in Services The distribution of pyrotechnics is subject to licensing.

Only locally-licensed lawyers may use the name or title “Advocaat” according to landespressgesetz 2 cand 16 bcd Advocatenwet Act on Advocates. Enterprises must be registered in Bulgaria as a lawyer partnership “advokatsko sadrujie” or a law firm “advokatsko drujestvo”.

Nationality of a Member State of the EU is required to practice the profession, except foreign professionals may be allowed to practice based on reciprocity. Investment, Cross-Border Trade in Services, and International Maritime Transport Services Goods or landeepressegesetz transport operations by inland waterway may only be provided by an operator that fulfils the following conditions:.

Text of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement – Annex I – EU Party

The residency requirement for a foreign lawyer to obtain full admission to the Bar is at least six years from the date of application for registration, three years under certain conditions.

A connection to Swedish fishing industry could for example be demonstrated if the fishermen lands half his catch during a calendar year in value in Sweden, if half the fishing trips depart from a Swedish harbour or half of the fishermen in the fleet are domiciled in Sweden.

An agricultural holding may be acquired by an individual, provided that the acquirer – or another person – takes permanent residence at the holding no later than six month following the acquisition.

For hospital and ambulance services, residential health facilities other than hospital services and social services, an authorisation is necessary in order to exercise management functions. Investment and Cross-Border Trade in Services Full admission to the Bar is required for the practice of legal services in respect of Estonian law, including representation before courts. Investment and Cross-Border Trade in Services Full admission to the Bar is required for the practice of legal services in respect of Hungarian law, including representation before courts.


April GVBl, S. Investment and Cross-Border Trade in Services A statutory audit activity shall be carried out only by the statutory auditors or audit firms who are approved under the conditions provided for by Emergency Ordinance No. New or vacant pharmacies are authorised following a public competition. In proceedings involving international elements, parties may be represented before arbitration courts — ad hoc courts only by lawyers who are members of the bar associations of other countries.

Treatment granted to companies or firms formed by Canadian investors in accordance with the law of a Member State of the EU, and having their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the EU, is without prejudice to any conditions or obligations, consistent with Chapter Eight Investmentwhich may have been imposed on such companies or firms when they established in the EU and which shall continue to apply. Law on Audit of 15 June No. Other scheduled passenger transportation Operators of road freight transport services Other non-scheduled passenger transportation.

For vehicles where no such bilateral agreement is applicable, a licence is also needed from the Swedish Transport Agency. Investment and Cross-Border Trade in Services Full admission to the Bar is required for the practice of legal services in respect of Slovakian law, including representation before courts. Financial Services Pension fund management may be provided only by specialised companies incorporated in Portugal for that purpose and by insurance companies established in Portugal and authorised to take up the life insurance business, or by entities authorised to pension fund management in other Member States of the EU.

Instead of using the full term ‘advocaat’, non-registered foreign lawyers are obliged to mention their home country professional organisation for the purposes of their activities in the Netherlands. However, nationals of Canada may obtain an authorisation from the relevant competent authorities in order to teach in primary, secondary and higher level educational institutions.

Private civil aircraft belonging to foreign legal entities not formed in accordance with the law of a Member State of the EU or of the EEA may only be registered if they have a seat of operations, agency or office in Belgium without interruption for at least one year. Herzlich willkommen auf unseren Seiten Business and production services Veterinary services Paramedical personnel Restorer Physiotherapists.

Investment and Cross-Border Trade in Services In the EU, the organisation of the siting of letter boxes on the public highway, the issuing of postage stamps, and the provision of the registered mail service used in the course of judicial or administrative procedures may be restricted in accordance with national legislation.

NRWpage. Investment Pawn-shops must be established as a limited liability company or as a branch. Investment The owner or user intending to establish a pipeline for the transport of crude or refined petroleum and petroleum products and of natural gas must obtain a permit from the local authority before commencing work. Investment The authorisation for large department stores is subject to an Economic Needs Test.


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Foreign high schools cannot establish subsidiaries in the territory of Bulgaria. Dissertation Hertzsch – Landespressegesezt Consult ; Tour operation or travel agency services may be provided by a person established in a Member State of the EU or in a Member State of the EEA if, upon establishment in the territory of Bulgaria, the said person presents a copy of a document certifying the right landeapressegesetz to practise such activity and a certificate or another document issued by a credit institution or an insurer containing data of the existence of insurance covering the liability of the said person for damage which may ensue as a result of a culpable non-fulfilment of professional duties.

Investment To provide hallmarking services, commercial presence in the Netherlands is landespressegeeetz. To provide legal services in respect of Slovakian law, commercial presence may be required to take one of the legal forms which are allowed under national law on a non-discriminatory basis.

Act of 7 May on statutory auditors, audit firms and on public oversight – Journal of Laws, No. Investment Certain economic activities related to the exploitation or use of State or public property are subject to concessions granted under the provisions of the Concessions Act or other special concessions laws. Septembersieht in 5a landespresssegesetz sog. Regarding the cabotage restriction between Malta and Gozo, exclusive rights are given according on the basis of a concession awarded by the Government.

The management of a branch office must consist of at least two natural persons resident in Austria. The competent Ministry may deny an authorisation where the programme is determined to be incompatible with national educational interests. Production, transmission and distribution rnw electricity Bulk storage services of liquids or gases Services incidental to energy distribution Wholesale or retail of electricity. Foreign owners not incorporated in the EU can register vessels in the Ship Oandespressegesetz, provided that their technical management is performed by a legal person registered in Pandespressegesetz on the basis of a ship management contract.

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Anmeldung zur reisemedizinischen Beratung. Investment, Cross-Border Trade in Services and International Maritime Transport Services Supporting services for maritime transport when provided in Finnish maritime waters or internal waterways are reserved to fleets operating under the national, EU or Norwegian flag.

In ports having regional significance, this right is granted by a contract with the owner of the port.