The Beast Rumor said the powerful Nicolai DeMarco could command the heavens, that the beasts below did his bidding and that he was doomed to. Lair of the Lion is a paranormal/romance written by American author Christine Feehan. Unlike most for her other works, this novel is not part of an ongoing series. Lair of the Lion by Christine Feehan – book cover, description, publication history.

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It was such fun when we heard you were on your way. And christind got a bit angry at that, but the very next day she was found in his arms again. She wouldn’t give her name to this hideous palazzo. She would not panic, she would not run away. Her long lashes drifted down and she lay on the bed, the robe around her naked body, soaking up the excess water from her bath. In one of them she could make out the shadowy figure of man.

The ending was quite subtle and didn’t really live up the to hype of the curse. Feehan’s books frequently land on bestseller lists, and her vampire romances have garnered her a strong following. Initially I was hooked by the setup of the story, despite what I thought was an abundance of overly flowerly descriptive prose, a tendency towards the melodramatic and an annoying smattering of Italian words.

Isabella could see the warning was genuine and her heart stuttered with fear. She inhaled deeply, grateful for the cup of tea the servant-woman pressed into her trembling hand. As she lay, trying desperately to make out the shadowy figure, her vision blurred continually so that his large hands appeared to be claws for a moment, his great hulk moving with a grace not quite human. Lair feeuan the Lion by Christine Feehan. So she makes the arduous journey to his isolated feehzn.


The room was large, the fireplace roaring with warmth and red and orange flames. Slippery with the tiny ice particles on them.

Lair of the Lion by Christine Feehan

She was clearly an aristocratico. A ferocious roar shook the palazzo. It was as if the castello was waiting for her to utter her name aloud. She feels chdistine has one chance to save him, the powerful Don DeMarco. Isabella blinked to try to bring him into sharper focus. She ducked down into the horse’s mane in an attempt to gain some relief from the unrelenting wind.

Her mouth was dry. This is a different kind of book than I am used to from Christine Feehan and that is a good thing. And well, that’s all I have to say because I didn’t finish reading it.

Throughout the entire thing you think your getting a small glimpse or idea as to how it will end Issue 12, December January I will have to lock you in for your own safety. I got sucked into the story immediately. A sudden thought made her shiver.

She could not quit now, could laiir allow fear to defeat her at the last moment. In a desperate attempt to save her brother, Lucca, from the evil clutches of the grasping lord who lkon imprisoned him, Isabella Vernaducci, a courageous but impoverished noblewoman, ventures into the Alps to search for the elusive and dangerous Don Nicolai DeMarco, believing him the only man powerful enough to save Lucca. Safe at the lair she meets Don DeMarco and can’t figure out what the fuss about him is all about.


Please review your cart. It didn’t sound good that Francesca dabbled in spells. Shocked that she didn’t berate him. This could have very easily been a short story, about halfway through I What a waste! Her chin rose and she nodded at the older man. Great beasts with dark shaggy hair around their necks and down their backs. The palazzo was beautiful, more so than anything she had ever seen.

From every direction wild animals bellowed so that she covered her ears to block out the sound. Nothing is safe outside these walls. Isabella is a beautiful, headstrong young maiden who sets out on adventure to save her brother from the clutches of a very Eeevil man.

All of her series have hit the 1 spot on the New York Times bestselling list as well. The knocker was inside the mouth, so that she was forced to put her fedhan in past the teeth. I was merely polite, as good breeding commands,” “Really,” His voice low, one eyebrow shooting up.

The ability to create pictures and emotions with words is feeha a miracle to me. Francesca bounced on the bed, laughing softly. Although I generally hate how domineering her heroes are vs how limp her heroines are, this book is a huge exception.

Lair of the Lion

It was impossible to scale those terrible cliffs that rose straight up into air, like towers reaching to the clouds. Return to Book Page. And there were a lot of hot smexy times which were quite tastefully done as well, I thought.