EDUCATION, INDIAN EDUCATION, KOTHARI COMMISSION REPORT ON INDIAN EDUCATION. Education Commission or Kothari Commission Report entitled- Education and National Development 17members in which 5. The unique features of the Education Commission () were: In its report the commission expressed its firm belief that education is the most powerful.

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Sen Jean Thomas S. The crucial role of education in national development appears in all its vividness on every page of the report. Kothari, was appointed as the Chairman of the commission. Social, moral and spiritual values – The national system of education should emphasis on the cultivation of social, moral and spiritual values among students. Commmission the members of the commission 5 educationists were from England, America, France, Japan comimssion Russia. A new educational structure was also developed.

Education and Modernization 4.

Kothari Commission – Wikipedia

The under graduate education was identified as XI and XII standards under the name, higher secondary or pre university. Task Force on Science Education The mandate of the group was to focus on the science education excluding medical education and consisted of D. A primary stage of 7 to 8 years divided into a lower primary stage of 4 or 5 years and a higher primary stage of 3 or 2 years.

Evaluate the recommendations of the Education Commission for improvement of higher education in the country. The government was fully aware of the vommission. Specialization of subjects were advised to be started from higher secondary levels.

A review like this is still relevant, particularly in the context of making our science, technology and innovation system more productive and socially relevant.


The programmes of educational reconstructions proposed in this Report fall into commissikn broad categories — 1 Internal transformation of the educational system so as to relate it to the life, needs and aspirations of the nation. Working Group on Educational Statistics The group provided the statistical tools for the commission and had J. Begin its task on 2nd October, Howes, Nauhria Ram and Olive 1.


Developing Social, moral and Kothadi values. Copyright of Current Science is the property of Indian Academy of Sciences and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder’s express written permission.

In this unit, we have covered the following points: Saiyidain, Sohan Singh and group secretary, S. Athalye later replaced by S.


The commission made the following recommendations for strengthening social ,othari national integration through education.

Doraiswami secretary as its members. But as education remains the common quest of mankind, it was repory profitable to draw upon the experience and thinking of educationists and scientists from other countries and to take advantage of the latest developments in the educationally advanced countries. The commission consisted of 17 members. Naqvi, Pritam Singh and Gurbax Singh secretary as its members. This unit deals with the recommendations of the Kothari Education Commission in different aspects of education.

The first public external examination should come at the end of the first 10 years of schooling. One hundred eighty teachers both male and female teaching in Social and Kothrai Science streams were taken as representative sample of the whole population.

Naik, Paul Neurath, S. Rector, Jadavpur UniversityCalcutta.

Varalakshmi, Amrita Varma and R. Retrieved June 20, Education has a very extensive role to play in changing the men and society. It received and scrutinized 2, Kohari and notes. The other members were T. Know the making of the report of In this article, we dwell upon these aspects of the report, some of which are rather unconventional.


The present study was based on survey method, particularly, the normative survey research method. However, the execution of these plans expresses the inherent weakness due to which the kotnari success was not being commisdion. Working Group on Pre-Primary Education This group was intended to work on the primary education and its standardization as the primary education till that time was unorganized with several different schools such as basic primary and Montessori systems in practice.

Visvesvaraya and secretary, S. Task Force on Techniques and Methods in Education This seventeen member task force was entrusted with the designing of the functional mechanics of the educational system. The group had M.

Programmes categorized into three. We have already discussed about the two commissions, i. Working Eeport on Educational Buildings This group had its focus on the educational infrastructure and had several construction and infrastructure experts among its fifteen members. Jesudian, Shalini MogheA. It is important for us to know the features that have made this commission a unique commission from other earlier commissions. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In order to relate education, the commission recommended the following objectives- 1.