12 जनवरी You can find mudras with images here. Pataka पताक; Tripataka त्रिपताक; Ardhapataka अर्धपताक; Kartarimukha कर्तरीमुख; Mayur. The following photos provide a vibrant glimpse of the dance by bringing to light its different postures, stances, mudras, costumes, etc. While Kathak does not. The hasta mudras in #Kathak are the alphabet of dance, each hand gesture evoking imagery, stories, and endless narration. The ring finger touches the thumb.

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So vast are the subtleties expressed in the hand gestures of hasta that the vastness of what katjak human entails, and perhaps even what the entire universe contains, might be expressed by the dancer. Views Read Edit View history. Hold the thumb of your left hand with the forefingers of right hand in Shikhara hasta.

List of mudras (dance)

So hand gestures are a basic mode of communication. Hastas can be used to convey an idea, thought or feeling to the viewers in conjunction with the lyrics sahitya of a song, or they may just add beauty to a movement.

Hold Ardhacandra in the left hand palm facing up. Hence as ‘hasta’ form a distinct coded language which brings a unique poetic element while performing, so too when abhinaya traditional facial expressionspose attitudeand rhythm complete the language, the dancer may express practically anything and everything to an attentive audience.

Mudras Dance in India India dance-related lists. Swastikam crossed We get the swastika pose when both the palms in pataka are crossed at the wrists. Sarpasirsham Hood of Cobra When the Hand is held in Pataka Mudra and the fingers are bend from the tip to form a hollowed palm we get Sarpashirsha Mudra.

It is known for its complex footwork, sharp spins, abhinaya, and technical virtuosity. The ring finger and the little finger are raised at angles as shown. Texts and rules that applied to other classical dance forms were also applied to Kathak, ignoring its unique subjectivity in abhinaya exploration. Wikimedia Commons has media related to mudras. Mudras are basically a codified set of hand gestures used in dance to express something.


List of mudras (dance) – Wikipedia

Here all the fingers are bent and pressed against the Palm except the thumb. Gesture is a symbolic action by which a thought, a feeling or intention is expressed.

The unique aspect of abhinaya expression in Kathak is that the hand gestures and facial expressions katjak our normal, everyday life expressions and are not strictly codified and prescribed like in other classical dance forms. Hastas Hastas are hand gestures or symbols. Utsangam shoulders When the right kayhak left palms touches the left and right shoulder respectively in Mrigashirsha mudra we get the Utsanga hasta.

To call a person To point at an object To show drinking Denote a snake Obviously, we have used some gesture or the other to express the above.

They are of 2 kinds in dance: The ring finger and the tip of the thumb touch each other while the other kaathak are held straight kathwk any gap. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Its done by bringing together the index finger middle finger and thumb. When the Thumb and the little finger are bent or meet each other while the Index Middle and the ring finger are held straight.

When the four fingers are mudraw closely against the palm while the thumb is held tightly between the palm and the other four fingers. When both the Palms are joined together at the little finger and slightly hollow at the centre of the Palms.

Shivalingam Shiva Linga Hold Ardhacandra in the left hand palm facing up. Natya Shastra Abhinavabharati Mudras. Chandrakala Full moon Chandrakala means Digit of the Moon. Kurma Tortoise While the hands are in chakra hasta bend all the fingers except the thumb and the little fingers and hold the palms tight.

Pathaakas tripatako ardhapatakaha kartarimukhaha Mayuraasyo ardhachandrashcha araala shukatundakaha Mushtishcha shikaraakhyashcha kapittha katakamukhaha Suchi chandrakala padmakosha sarpashirastatha Mrigashirsha simhamukhaha kangulo alapadmakaha Chaturo bramarashchaiva hamsaasyo hamsapakshakaha Samdamsho mukulashchaiva tamrachuda trishulakaha Ityasamyutahasta hastaanaam ashtavinshatiririta.


Kapotham dove When the Anjali Mudra is slightly bulging at the knuckles of the palm we get the Kapota Hasta. While the hands are in chakra hasta bend all the fingers except the thumb and the little fingers and hold the palms tight. The Middle finger Ring finger and Little finger is pressed against the thumb while the forefinger is held straight. Dola Walking gait When the pataka hasta is placed to the sides of the thigh we get the Dola hasta.

It is done when the Index finger is bent while doing the Pataka Mudra.

When the middle finger and the ring finger press against the thumb while the other fingers are held straight we get the Simhamukha Hasta. Release the thumb in Mhdras Mudra and hold it straight Padmakosam Lotus Bud All the fingers are stretched and slightly brought closer to form Padmakosha. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

When the Palms in Ardhachandra mudra touch each other vertically and horizontally we get the Chakra Mudra. Retrieved from ” https: This could probably be owing to its desi connections, and also the emphasis placed on improvisation and personal interpretation, which allows the scope for subjectivity in every performance. Varaha Boar When both hands in Mrigashirsha hasta and the left palm is placed over the right palm we get the Varaha hasta.

Trishoolam Trident When the Thumb and the little finger are bent or meet each other kathaak the Index Middle and the ring finger are held straight. Fingers are bent from the knuckles except for the little finger and the thumb which is held straight. Mudra is done when the little finger and the ring finger is bent and pressed against the thumb.