Jr xp Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Manual for jr xp transmitter. Get the JR XP Manual Cover – Instructions Manuals. Description. THE AIRCRAFT SYSTEM AIRPLANE MODE ULTIMATE HELICOPTER SYSTEM. RC Radios, Transmitters, Receivers, Servos, gyros – JR XP thier own product. the manual talks allot about loosing sync and also the.

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End point adjustments now adjust the left and right ruddervators separately. I took it all to the local shop where they werent actually very helpful. Undoubtedly, you will have more launch flap than you desire.

Leaving them active will just allow mistakes to be made during flight.

Programming the JR8103 by Sherman Knight

Touch the select button to change the screen to the other four servos. Aux Channel Spoiler Channel Charge At the receiver, pull the plugs for the aileron servos channel 2 and 5reverse the plugs and then check the aileron stick for aileron movement.

When it comes to stuff electrical, I’ll pay a bit extra for piece of mind. The trims for rudder, elevator, and aileron have been replaced with xl8103 trim lever that moves one click each way, beeps and then the spring loaded lever automatically returns to center. Up to 30lb ” Tug, And far out, ” Gliders. Turn on the Tx and verify the rudder and elevator servos are plugged into the right connections. Use the dual rate function to modify the pitch or roll sensitivity of the aircraft to satisfy your personal taste.

  HLTH 5357 PDF

The manual refers to this switch as the butterfly switch. Step – by — Step. I also like the aileron to rudder mix to automatically engage whenever I set up to land.

The fine tuning of these control throws is now done using travel adjustment. As far as 2. Touch the up or down button until [REV. Do the same for POT.

The low aileron will move up.

Launch the airplane and adjust the elevator compensation until you achieve the proper glide path at full flap. Touch the CH button to move the underline to the slave channel. If you ordered the FM version, you may have received an FM receiver but your transmitter will still broadcast in all three formats. All indications are actual Launch your aircraft and verify, at least three or four mistakes high, that the elevator compensation is correct at full flap.

To set manuall preset launch flapuse the travel adjust, the flap to aileron mix and the flap to elevator features in unison as follows: If the airplane pitches up with rudder only input, then you need to change the end point adjustments on both sides of the ruddervator to increase the amount of down movement of the control surface.


Not only is it a nice feature but, it is necessary. To set the dual ratesperform the following steps:. Position one is towards the rear of the radio. Move that switch to the low position. Elevator to Flap Mix. I have not checked it out for my self. As simple as I can make it. Exponential Function Mixing with Trim An exponential function allows you to “smooth” the The most important xp813 multi-point programmable mixing which completely eliminates that annoying bump the model takes when you first pull the flap stick down.

JR XP Conversion ??? – RCU Forums

A few functions are different. After turning the radio on you will see the general information display. The programming language is also the same. If ailerons are mixed to flaps, this duel rate function will adjust the amount of throw on all four wing servos at the same time. It seems to occur most often on aircraft with full flying stabs.

SW] appears in the upper left hand part of the screen.