Cover for Thoughts on Interaction Design. Thoughts on Interaction Design. Book • Authors: Jon Kolko. Browse book content. About the book. Search in this. Thoughts on Interaction Design has ratings and 21 reviews. Kars said: More like a pep-talk for interaction designers. It’s a good book for those in d. I am a fan of Jon Kolko’s writing. He has written articles in several editions of ACM Interactions magazine. I didn’t know he has written an.

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Shane C rated it it was amazing Nov 29, I am comfortable enough in my job and my talents that I don’t require this kind of pick-me-up.

Every UX designer should read this book. And you were talking in your book on ethics and morals and morality and how these things have an interdict role to play because ultimately what we value or what we see as ethical or appropriate or the appropriate process to intrraction either in a business or a social context; that may be entirely different than what people expect or demand in a place like.

I would much rather have this serendipity of life occur around me than have everything really squared off for me. I would recommend it to novice interaction designers or just someone that is curious about the industry.

Laughing Which is onteraction I loved about it. Open Preview See a Problem? So in I wrote it and shopped it around to some publishers, I had some interesting responses. Best of luck in all your future endeavors. I’m gonna go ahead and judge this book by its cover. While Kolko’s background in human computer interaction seems to makes Thoughts tailor-made for web designers and other graphical user interface GUI wizards, the basic divide between product and user applies regardless of the mechanism of interface.

Dec 12, Jiri rated it really liked it. So I have some thoughts on how to achieve that but it only gets you closer.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. The idea of esthetics, experience, and poetry.

Is it going to be really hard? I love experiences, positive ones and I certainly love vivid ones.

As a reviewer, one feels an obligation to read a book from cover to cover, but Made with FontFont begs to be explored rather than read. Content-wise the book had a lot of interesting points and made me think. Ruby rated it it was amazing Jan 10, I think the book is not for everyone and not that practical as the author stated in thoughfs introduction.

The tragedy is that while Thoughts on Interaction Design may become required reading for designers, the people that would benefit the most from reading the book are executives, engineers and managers.

Thoughts on Interaction Design by Jon Kolko

He was pretty fundamental in helping me and put together some of these thoughts. If forced to pick who was responsible for America’s industrial output, my best guess would have been engineers.

Really focusing on some tjoughts the strategic aspects of their business, but also getting down to some of the nuances of how do you sell ring tones and ring back tones. I enjoyed this book immensely. Interactions 13 is set to take place in February in Toronto. One of them is related to what I think you were just describing with respect jln experience. Don’t have an account? I noted interactiin your book this was really interesting. Yes, and it was noted by a friend of mine at the poetry parties, like the shortest part of the book.

Book Review: Thoughts on Interaction Design, by Jon Kolko – Core77

The difference between designers and artists is that designers occasionally make art, but that in design there is always someone on the other end of the transaction, purchasing their work and then interacting with it. As a reviewer of design books, I found that Kolko referenced all of the right bibles, from the aforementioned Dreyfuss and Norman to visual thinkers like Edward Tufte.


Yes or no, does Johnny love you? And again to reference the next generation at the same time that the world seems to be imploding on itself. Listen to this show Show time: And so do interaction design need to take this idea about culture more seriously than we have in the past?

That leads down towards a very scary path.

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Up till now I think for the most part there has been two issues. I think there is a lot of great research going on in a lot of innteraction.

It also ties business success to design and the emphasis on the end user. OK, you convinced me. So while Thoughts is a solid resource for designers, it is desgin important for designers to read than it is for us to proselytize and to try to pass a dog-eared copy up through middle management and hopefully all the way to the CEO. I really liked it and wished I could have stayed focused while reading it. I’m not used to reading books with two columns on the page and that made it harder for me to stay involved in the interzction.

Radio Johnny: Jon Kolko’s Thoughts on Interaction Design

Kolko also writes with just the right amount of indignation at the problems inherent in a traditional manufacturing flow. I’m big fan of Jon Kolko’s design synthesis methodology as he describes them in various talks online, and in the Exposing the magic of design. Intfraction gives a shit! I also love in a weird way, melancholy ones that are subtle and I love ones that are completely natural and complicit.