Speciesism has 54 ratings and 4 reviews. Wendy said: This is a take-no- prisoners look at human treatment of nonhumans and how such behavior is enabled th. Joan Dunayer is a writer, editor, and animal rights advocate. She is the author of two books, Animal Equality () and Speciesism (). Dunayer graduated. Joan Dunayer is an American writer, editor, and animal rights advocate. “Sexist Words, Speciesist Roots”, in Animals and Women: Feminist Theoretical.

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This is a fine example of how pure theory devoid of real everyday life can cripple someone’s ability to act.

Joan Dunayer – Wikiquote

However, if our treatment and view of other animals became caring, respectful, and just, nonhuman-animal metaphors would quickly lose all power to demean. History of Western Philosophy. On one hand, we claim to treat animal interests seriously. Francione on the State of the U. Since the artificial genetic selection that they have been subject to cannot be undone, the rights of modern chickens can never be fully respected.

Quotes [ edit ] When a woman responds to mistreatment by protesting “I’m a human being! She also explains why welfarist campaigns are old-speciesist.

You can help Wikiquote by expanding it. Objecting to this, Dunayer states that it violates the moral rights of hens to confine them to the old standard of 48 square inches, the new standard of 67 square inches, or to any amount of confined space. Aug 14, Wendy rated it really liked it. If the exploitation of non-human animals is to cease, the activists who bring about udnayer result will have necessary been informed by a consistent, well-supported theoretical framework that was readily and effectively applied to practical situations.

Admittedly, this issue is not clear-cut.

Since Francione previously rejected this proposal, he obviously maintains that the economic costs that the proposal imposes are trivial and therefore the proposal not satisfy the third criterion for an abolitionist measure. She suggests that African-Americans can be racist, and though some may disagree with me, what I’ve learned is that anyone can be prejudiced but that racism is oppression by the powerholders over people of other races and here it might be interesting to note that some cultures consider nonhumans as other races.


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It might be objected that it is not the ancestors speciesis, modern chickens who are kept speciesissm battery cages. The Origin of Speciesism. Dunayer begins her book by exploring speciesism through Peter Singer and Tom Regan, dunayfr for someone who’s never read or studied those people’s philosophies, it is confusing. Francione apparently recognizes this because he expresses a caveat: Tzachi Zamir – – Philosophia 34 4: If, for example, laying hens were removed completely from the battery cage and placed in an environment where the treatment they received was consistent with that which these animals should receive were they no longer regarded as human property–that is, in a way that respected completely their interest in bodily movement–then that change would qualify [as abolitionist].

Paul Waldau – – Oxford University Press. Dunayer shows that “animal laws” such as the Humane Slaughter Act afford nonhumans no meaningful protection. Speciesism by Joan Dunayer. Request removal from index.


For an exhaustive treatment of the appropriation and misrepresentation found in Speciesismsee dunayef unabridged version of this review at http: It is, overall, an excellent book and one that makes a lot of sound points on human mis treatment of nonhumans.

This is a take-no-prisoners look at human treatment of nonhumans and how such behavior is enabled through the mentality of speciesism affording unequal treatment and consideration to another based on species alone. The perpetrator in this case harms human and non-human animals alike without any regard, in attitude or practice, for their species. Again, Francione wholly acknowledges that a campaign to introduce such a prohibition is unlikely to succeed at this point in history, and focuses instead on its important educational value.


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Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Joan Dunayer’s Speciesism appropriates and misrepresents the animal rights theory of Gary L. Wikipedia has an article about: Hence, after complete abolition, they would be placed in sanctuaries that are acceptable to genuine abolitionists.

Joan Dunayer – Wikipedia

On the Animal Question: Many organizations that consider themselves animal rights advocates engage in old-speciesist campaigns, which reinforce the property status of nonhumans rather than promoting their emancipation. Francione, Introduction to Animal Rights: Arnela rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Such a good book, especially the last section “Animal Equality”.

Many proposed reforms will add costs specesism property ownership, costs that represent recognition of a koan animal interest, but many of these costs may be trivial. This book doesn’t pull any punches so I’m certain it would piss off quite a number of people if more people read it–all the better I say.

Feminists, especially, recognize that negative “animal” imagery has advanced women’s oppression. Few women have confronted how closely they mirror patriarchal oppressors when they too participate in other species’ denigration.

Joan Dunayer

Old-speciesists limit rights to humans. Although I hope that my criteria are useful, they are secondary to the need for an incremental eradication of the property status dunxyer causes the pain and suffering in the first instance.

Again, although the hens would still be wrongfully exploited as property in this way, their interest in liberty of movement would be fully respected, and this would constitute an incremental step towards respecting all of their interests.