Jesper Hoffmeyer is the President of the International Society for Biosemiotic Studies and co-editor of the journal Biosemiotics. He is Professor Emeritus at the . Jesper Hoffmeyer’s Website. forskning/forfatterskab/engagement/liv — research/ writing/engagement/life. Site Navigation[Skip]. Home; English Intro · Dansk intro. Biosemiotics: An Examination into the Signs of Life and the Life of Signs ( Approaches to Postmodernity) Feb 16, by Jesper Hoffmeyer, Donald Favareau.

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Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Putting Life Back into Biology. Human intentionlity is not therefore unique in the world but must be understood as a peculiar and highly sophisticated instantiation of a general semiotics of nature.

A Biosemiotic Approach to the Question of Meaning more. Moreover, it is precisely the play between these two types of coding that makes evolution possible, as analog and digital coding are two equally necessary forms of referential activity. Information is always information for “someone”; it is not something that is just hanging around “out there” in the world.

In other words, the variations in sound reaching my ears prompt my brain to produce a piece of information to the effect that there must be a blackbird somewhere close at hand. Cells, tissue, organs, plants, animals, entire populations and ecosystems buzz with Human individuation is thus a double-tracked process, consisting in an incessant reconciliation or negotiation between the virtual reality that we have constructed in our minds and mind-independent reality as it impresses itself upon our lives.

Semiotic Freedom Hoffmeyer is known for the term semiosphereessentially the biosphere seen in terms of semiotics.

Volume 8, Issue 2Page Jesper Hoffmeyer was born in SlangerupDenmark in Buy the selected items together Hogfmeyer item: Jan 1, Publication Name: The meaning conferred by a sign is thus acutely dependent on the nature and the context of its receptive system, the sensing body — and that body’s relations with externality are mediated continually by the active establishment and disestablishment of such signs.


Instead, a semiotic approach is called for. Seeing virtuality in nature more. At the same time, Hoffmeyer also embarked upon a parallel track of inquiry, based on a growing awareness that the reductionist tendencies of modern biology and science systematically jes;er and guided the technological horizon towards developments that were inherently damaging to natural systems, including jespper of human health.

Jesper Hoffmeyer – Wikipedia

For the moth clinging to a nearby wall, on the other hand, no information whatsoever is generated. Digital coding, in contrast, will be used to designate sign systems where the relations of hocfmeyer to signified are due to a demarcation principle of purely conventional or habitual origin.

Such a self is vulnerable to breakdown It connects also to the idea of freedom as not having been determined by physical laws. PhilosophyLinguisticsand Semiotica. The time is right for a scientific confrontation with ” mechanicism ,” he says, because of the development in the last few decades of nonequilibrium thermodynamics, chaos theory, nonlinear dynamics, complexity theory, and biosemiotics. On Semiotic Modeling, Mouton de Gruyter, p.

Semiotic Individuation and Ernst Cassirer’s Challenge more. Hoffmeyer, J and Emmeche, C.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Citation for this page in APA citation style. Angels fear revisited; M.


Genes, Development, and Semiosis more. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Evolutionary SystemsBiosemiotics;and Semiotic Scaffolding.

On the other hand, had it not been for the analog codes there could have been no true interaction with the world, no other-reference, and no preferences. Write a customer review. To Brentano – and the phenomenological tradition he thus initiated – mind should be seen as real, irreducibly intentional, and inexplicable naturalistically. In talking about semiotic freedom rather than semiotic depth, then, I try to avoid being misunderstood to claiming that semiotic freedom should possess a quantitative measurability; It does not.


Semiotic scaffolding operates by assuring higher level performance through semiotic interactions inside a living system or between living systems and cue elements in their environment. Signs of Meaning in the Universep. Imperial College Press, 1— The needs of all living beings for expressing a degree of anticipatory capacity is seen as an evolutionary lever for the development of species with increased semiotic freedom.

Prolegomena to a Theoretical Biology more.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Such a biology is not in conflict with present-day biological research, but it promises to jeper a good guide towards a theoretical biology that does not turn the emergence of life — and with it, meaning and intentionality — into an incomprehensible mystery.

They contain no “information processing,” nothing semiotic, which is the essence of biology.

Jesper Hoffmeyer

How to join Forgot your password? Suppose furthermore that heritable variants exist among individuals of the population. The New Biological SynthesisDordrecht: This positioning of the single digital code as in a sense equal to the totality of analog codings is justified by the unique properties of digital codes that I have discussed above.