This post is a review of Fiorinda Li Vigni’s recent biography of the French Hegel scholar Jacques D’Hondt, originally posted on the discussion. In this post, I discuss Jacques D’Hondt’s book Hegel en son Temps (Paris: Editions Sociales, ). There is an English translation by John. Professor Jacques D’Hondt () was professor at the University of Poitiers and an expert on the philosophy of Hegel. He was introduced to Hegel’s work.

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Jacques D’Hondt

There is a complete French translation of the letters in Hegel: Hence, fromHegelianism fell out of favor. Marx took himself to represent a higher standpoint, but he saw merit in Hegel within the ambit of bourgeois thought.

It must have been obvious to the police that Hegel sat opposite them, not at their side, in these affairs. She addresses three main aspects of this. Students and professors were affected by government sanctions. Let us look at them in turn. Altenstein and Hardenberg wrote letters over Ulrich.

This would accomplish a modernization as in France, but without bloodshed or revolution. Hege, of his work though — e. Posted by Stephen Cowley at There was a period of reaction after Altenstein left the education ministry, which took place under his successor Eichhorn from The real tide of politics lay elsewhere, he thought.

Under a sketch by Wilhelm Hensel, Hegel wrote: Edouard Gans was allowed by Hegel to teach philosophy of right from There was an opposition group, which included the son of Niethammer and Gottlieb, the brother of Hegel’s wife, Marie. Altenstein said that Hegel opposed disorder amongst the youth. Inhe comments that Hegelianism is spreading. Hardenberg valued education as part of his political strategy, but left this task to Altenstein, who invited Hegel to Berlin as Professor of Philosophy in Hegel admired the Girondins, the Code Civilconstitutional government and property rights.


Other reactionary figures included Schuckmann, Wittgenstein and Eichhorn. It is clear that Hegel was not simply a reactionary, or a conformist. He held no sway over the course of events. He had sent information on Napoleon to Hegel, as did van Ghent from the Netherlands.


Cousin described Hegel as approving honct the French revolution, as liberal but not republican. He was the author of patriotic poetry.

He favored secular public education, opposed feudalism and wanted a national representation. Marx did not publish this work, because his thought was still advancing. InMarx had written to Arnold Ruge, saying that he wished to:. The conditions under which his ideas spread is also interesting for the history of ideas.

Hegel in His Time

Altenstein wanted Berlin to be the cultural center of Germany. Secondly, Gustav Asverus was arrested following ohndt duel which came to the attention of the University of Jena.

The Fries affair for long gave Hegel a reputation as a servant of power. Firstly, Leopold von Henning was arrested on v basis of letters sent to him and his mother-in-law Briefe II, n. So Italy is a good place to look for a modern example of how to support philosophical work.


Jacques D’Hondt | IISH

After a meeting with the Duke of Saxe-Weimar, who also opposed this, he was under surveillance. Perhaps the official acceptance of Hegel was owing to Altenstein and a more liberal age, he muses. It was foreseen that political power was to pass to the upper middle class. Her brothers led the politicization of the Burschenschaft. He wrote to his wife in Austria that letters were read and should not contain political content Briefe III, In this work, Marx is settling accounts with the most prestigious bourgeois theoretician.

He was subsequently suspended from teaching. At the end of the interview she asks about the principal changes or breaks in his theoretical views that he has seen or made over his life, particularly recently, on which he has abstained from commenting. He promoted jacquess of the Protestant churches.

Hegelian News & Reviews: Our review of a biography of Jacques D’Hondt

Hegel represented the bourgeois ideal of a constitutional monarchy. Hegel lodged bail for Asverus Briefe II,n. There is a conservative element to the dialectic.

They were activists with experience of political men. There were various pretexts and motives for persecutions.