Ivan Drago will “kill you”. Try his workout. Just do not go around telling people you will “kill them”. How “Big Nasty” trained to take on the role of Ivan Drago’s son. Ivan Drago Soviet poster. Ivan Drago Training. Rocky punches Ivan Drago. Source: Workouts.

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His training style reflects this. Pumping Iron 2 Mag.

Squat 4 sets, 5,6,8,15 reps. Getting ready for something big! Ivan Drago Push Dominated Workout.

Drago Workout

This is a must if you have any serious medical conditions or if you are taking medication. Incorporating Plyometrics Even though the workout targets the lower body and abs, it also includes the power skip, which is a vrago exercise.

A post shared by Dolph Lundgren dolphlundgren on Aug 21, at 8: Sylvester Stallone was very good with nutrition and he put me on a much higher protein diet with less carbs and less fat. Military Press 4 sets, 5,6,8,15 reps. Yates Row 4 sets, 15,6,8,15 reps.

We really didn’t have anything like a nutrition plan back then but we did practice carb loading before every fight. This Ivan Drago workout is going to mix in weights dragl cardio throughout the workout. Frank Zane Beer Commercial. Weighted Tricep Dip 3 sets, 20 reps, Get Large and Strong Now! That would be his iconic portrayal of Olympic gold medalist slash Apollo Creed-killing machine Ivan Drago, of course.


But, the guy still works as hard as a human possibly can. The Son is rising?

Specific medical advise should be obtained from a licensed health-care practioner. Explosive Skips 1 sets, 20 reps, Plank 1 sets, But for this role it was different.

Ivan Drago Workout Plan

How to Hit a Heavy Bag. A post shared by Sly Stallone officialslystallone on Aug 9, at 1: The results of focusing on performance, combined with the urgency of having to get in amazing shape in 4 weeks will be a ton of lost fat, and a crap load of lean muscle gained in a very short time. Lateral Raise 4 sets, 20,10,10,20 reps. Alternating Leg Jump Rope 1 sets, Ivan Drago Workout for Upper Body The second workout is an upper body workout that builds mass in the chest, back, triceps and biceps.

Note Before starting any new exercise program, it is important that you consult your physician. He takes you to your depths, and then makes you quit. Seated Leg Curl 4 sets, 15,6,8,15 reps, Drago is a machine. Our last family day in Mallorca — feel the love! You can either jump rope or jog on the treadmill for 10 minutes before starting the workout. Workout 1 targets the abs and lower body. Search Search this site: Do the lower body and abs workout on Mondays, the upper body workout on Tuesdays, the legs and shoulders workout on Thursdays, the push dominated workout on Fridays and the power workout on Saturdays.


Add that to the mix of not-so-subtle hints Sylvester Stallone has been dropping….

Dolph Lundgren Posts Workout Video, Hints At Ivan Drago’s Return

A post shared by Sly Stallone officialslystallone on Jun 29, at The battle continues in one way or another… creed rockybalboa. Do not skip recovery days. Here they are together in Mallorca last week…. You may even need to take a few workoutt off at some point.

Ivan Drago Workout Plan |

Barbell Curl 4 sets, 15,6,8,15 reps. Both workouts will focus on performance. Set up your schedule and receive automatic reminders to stay on track and log your workouts on the web, iOS and Android.

Hang Clean and Press 6 sets, 6,3,2,1,1,3 reps, With an amateur boxing record of with KOs and a professional record of with 31 KOs til he met Rocky BalboaDrago could punch with the force of psi the average boxer hits at psi.

Ivan was played by a super buff Dolph Lundgren. Alternating Leg Jump Rope 3 sets, Ivan Drago Legs and Shoulders Workout.