Régis Soavi regularly conducts workshops at the dojos in Milano, Paris, Toulouse and Rome, and at the summer workshop of the Itsuo Tsuda School in Mas. L’ecole Itsuo Tsuda propose la découverte de la philosophie pratique de Maître Tsuda à travers l’Aïkido et le Katsugen Undo. Exposition à l’occasion de la publication du livre “Itsuo Tsuda calligraphies de Printemps.

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To practice before a picture of someone, even if he is the founder of the school, seems to me to indicate a religious attachment or devotion. For it to act, it must be anchored in the concrete life of each person. A natural condition has been reached. Tsuda addressed himself to each person individually, he never generalized.

Quantity The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Little by little all the practitioners who agree to look in this direction find it.

It is a mental act that produces physical effects. In my view, without kokyu, all the work in aikido is only intended to strengthen the body, it is a work of hardening. Those outside have not put on the armor needed for the working day ahead. And so the day begins and starts well, it is a real pleasure.

The association Tenshin is established here since Every morning I have a great pleasure to see people getting there and taking their time, we are in a world where we do not take our time anymore… — Your sessions are designed for all without distinction of age and levels, you talk about a school without grades.

It is really a pity to have to clarify things like that, but unfortunately they cannot be taken for granted in this world. He was enrolled in the army, where he worked in an administrative capacity. Then comes the recitation of the norito, a Shinto invocation, by the person conducting.

This circulation brings us fullness, the feeling of being fully alive, everything disappears, there is nothing but the present moment with its sensations, its colors, its music. Of course, mistakes can be made, the hakama is put on too early or too late. The discovery of kokyu leads us to different behaviors in everyday life. The author writes in a direct and simple style; his choice of words, precise and never left to chance, and so it has great significance and the reader is captured by the rhythm of a respiration.


I may sometimes help someone empty his head thanks to a few technique, but then tsuxa movement occurs all by itself. Isuo session starts tsdua 6: He wanted to live his own life.

I had already experienced a lot of Judo, Itsjo and weapons and then, more or less at the same time, during my training as a professional Aikido, I worked with other teachers like, Master Noro, Master Tamura, Master Noquet, as well as I took part of some workshops with Master K.

Itsuo Tsuda – Itsuo Tsuda School

It requires no special knowledge or technique. The aikido practiced is flexible, clear, fluid. Today, relations among people are too superficial. The mats were left to rest since the previous day.

Archives par mot-clé : katsugen undo

This freedom was fundamental in his teaching. A tsufa atmosphere Seeing the Sensei demonstrating the free movements, in which techniques are linked spontaneously we think again about a term often used in the literature and the teaching of Itsuo Tsuda: Yes, Tsuda died in He practiced in France and Japan and became interested in the concept of a dojo: Previously, it was to me just the name of a technique, with Itsuo Tsuda this notion became much more concrete, firstly tsudx the orientation of his practice.

They teach us that the world is tough, that we absolutely need to gain our place in the sun, to learn to defend ourselves against other people, but are we so sure about that? Despite everything, women scarcely take the floor, or I should even say take up the pen in martial arts magazines.


His hands went towards the spot, without him realizing what he was doing. What made you itssuo to consecrate to the Aikido of Itsuo Tsuda? I know we live in a society where you go to bed very late and you get up very late too.

All the walls are white. A place consecrated to that practice is necessary. It igsuo the practitioners themselves who conduct the sessions. During this workshop I saw my teacher, who was an actual budoka, attacking him with determination and at any time Tsuda was not there, he utsuo dodging, he had created void in front of him. I discovered kokyu with my master Itsuo Tsuda. Tzuda martial arts master whom dogs bark at is not a good master, they say.

They are a bit like Japanese Uchi Deshi, internal students.

One regains a certain suppleness. Tell me a bit about him. It makes no sense. And this is where you have to recognize that the object of our journey is the journey itself, the landscapes we discover, which become more refined and reveal themselves to us. The whole body is breathing and becomes more elastic tsufa supple, Ki flows more easily.

So at the beginning of the session one first lets out all the air, in that way thoughts also come out. A peaceful strength, not aggressive, but full and rich of the imagination and the desire to make the world better. The issue of grade is turned inside out. When one starts practising, the pulmonary respiration becomes more ample. No, you already know the answer.

Of the person who begins to practice a martial art, a great deal of confidence in the master is always required. He comes to discover something which must be of service to him in his daily life, and which, otherwise, would be of no value.