Infinite Intelligence mistakenly names Meher Baba as the author and has numerous other serious problems. Infinite Intelligence has 10 ratings and 0 reviews. As stated in the Foreword by Meherwan Jessawala: This book plumbs the depths of esoteric. One Infinite Intelligence is omnipresent, abiding in and pervading the Universal Infinite False Mind, the individual infinite false minds, and the gross and subtle.

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Through every individual infinite false mind false I and its subtle and gross bodies, the same one Infinite Intelligence continues to realize Its subtle and gross imagination.

The examples below typify the problems of the bbaa figures. Then why rewrite the notebooks to read like philosophy, repackage them like a textbook, and add hundreds of pages of academese?

You cannot derive any benefit from looking at this material yourself. Baba may have used His own words in different ways ibtelligence different times but that does not justify redefining the majority of them for a book He did not write. God as Infinite Intelligence.


The Infinite Intelligence glossary is vastly larger than the God Speaks glossary. He also taught about the concept of Perfect Masters, the Avatar, and those on the various stages of the spiritual path that he called involution.

It is not surprising that the editors recommend one of their essays be read before the notebooks themselves well, before their rewrites of the notebooks. Maryam added it Apr 12, Original hand-drawn diagram that became Infinnite He taught that the Universe is imagination, that God is what really exists, and that each soul is really God passing through imagination to realize individually His own divinity.


Nonetheless, the root concept emerges from the original unambiguously; the original and redrawn diagrams express the same idea.

Summary of Infinite Intelligence Primer

The adding of terms and words is a large part of the construction of a religion. The headlong diction, the equals signs, parentheses, and cascading brackets may be close to what Baba scribbled on the slate board—that is, if Baba dictated the information.

Infinite Intelligence is a massive collaborative reworking of those notebooks, which appear to gaba the work of at least two anonymous note takers, from information Meher Baba provided.

Even its edited version is challenging and often obscure. Terry marked it as to-read Dec 30, First, the general reader of Infinite Intelligence does not exist. The two volumes of the Infinite Intelligence notebooks are hardbound notebooks of a common shape and design. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Gray itelligence are difficult to see and the solid and dotted lines emanating from the Om point are ambiguous. The apparatus of this book with its endnotes, glossary, appendices, etc.

In short, many uncertainties remain about the status of the manuscript and its text. After their discovery, the notes lie forgotten for 29 years. Figure 5 in Infinite Intelligence. To ask other readers questions about Infinite Intelligenceplease sign up.

The publishers rewrote the notebooks for two audiences: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The figure does not show that three or four substeps are involved in each of the major movements.

Juuko marked it as to-read Jan 17, Refresh and try again. BookDB marked it as to-read Sep 05, Ken rated it it was amazing Mar 30, One might argue, contra the position being set forth here, that the textual borrowing that occurs within Infinite Intelligence as All in All itself denies significance to the borrowing between the two parts.


An Original Passage and its Rewrite The Supplement includes the following original intelligencs to demonstrate why the notebooks had to be rewritten.

Some people believe a man named Feram Dadachanji wrote the notebooks from material Intleligence provided. Baba had more than 40 years to do that with the notebooks, and did not do it. This book plumbs the depths of esoteric truths never before revealed to humankind.

Infinite Intelligence is a perfect candidate: It is only now being released after a long and meticulous editing process detailed in an academically rigorous supplemental essay. Why does the glossary in God Speaks, which Baba approved when He was in the body, seem to work so much better with every other book and discourse Baba published during His life Discourses, Listen Humanity, The Everything and the Nothing, Beams, Life at its Best than it does with Infinite Intelligence, which Intelllgence did not publish or sign in His lifetime?

Frank Davis marked it as to-read Nov 20, By focusing exclusively on the intellectual difficulty of the notebooks, the editors are trying to create a monopoly of knowledge that is unnecessary in the first place.

Michael Harden added it Sep 28,