In trutina mentis dubia fluctuant contraria lascivus amor et pudicitia. Sed eligo quod video, collum iugo prebeo: ad iugum tamen suave transeo. From The Heart. Album Tracklist: Lesley Garrett – Adriana Lecouvrer – Ecco Lo Son L’Umile Ancella; Lesley Garrett – Beyond The Blue Horizon; Lesley Garrett. Carmina Burana is a scenic cantata composed by Carl Orff in and , based on 24 In trutina, Latin, On the scales, soprano. Tempus est iocundum .

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And so here we are, forced by the presence of ambiguity to arbitrarily choose what the poem means to us subjectively. I came where the river Ran over stones: The next number, “Tempus es Iocundum”, is a joyful celebration wherein the soprano soloist sings “totus floreo, iam amore virginali” I am bursting with first love. About Me John W. Dulcissime, totam tibi subdo me! And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life.

As a single work or as part of a whole.

Sed eligo quod video, collum iugo prebeo: It became the most famous piece of music composed in Germany at the time. In honour of Orff’s 80th birthday, an acted and choreographed film version was filmed, directed by Jean-Pierre Ponnelle for the German broadcaster ZDF ; Orff collaborated in its production. Views Read Edit View history.

Carmina Burana

This supports your view: Articulation, acting, phrasing and what a tone. In taberna quando sumus.

Among these poems is the one I mentioned hearing two days ago, In Trutina. Glad to see there are others wondering about the meaning! I first heard Carmina Burana in the early ’60s, bought the LP, and listen to the music often.



Mystic as a Soldier I lived my days apart, Dreaming fair songs for God; By the glory in my heart Covered and crowned and shod. Scenic cantata by Carl Orff. If the poem is a prayer then “what is before” her or that which she is facing is Turtina on the Cross or the Blessed Sacrament the image of His Great Sacrifice. It is followed by an ode to her lover’s sweetness, then a powerful and passionate hailing from said lover, and then the dramatic and ruinful O Fortuna.

The drawing of the wheel found on the first page of the Burana Codex includes four phrases around the outside of the wheel:. Secular songs for singers and choruses ttutina be sung together with instruments and magical images”.

And all the waters Of all the streams Sang in my veins That summer day. Sylvia Plath And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise.

The baritone arias often demand high notes not commonly found in baritone repertoire, and parts of the baritone aria Dies nox et omnia are often sung in falsetto, a unique example in baritone repertoire. View my complete profile.

Hayley Westenra – In Trutina (from ‘carmina Burana’) Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Why the subject and to whom ” Followers on this Blog Page. Just happened on to this old thread about one of my all time, all too short, rrutina.

A ragged fringe Of daisies waved; I wasn’t alone In a grove of apples. Cover of the score showing the Wheel of Fortune.

A yoke is not only for pairs of oxen. The poems were found in a monastery. On my way home from work Wednesday I was listening to classical music on Colorado Public Radio they were having a fundraiser and to my delight they played a song from among Carl Orff’s collection, Carmina Burana Keyboard 2 pianos 1 celesta Strings violins I violins II violas cellos double basses Voice 2 SATB mixed choirs one large and one small, although a subset of the large chorus may be used for the small chorus 1 boys’ choir soprano soloist tenor soloist baritone soloist.


Far in the wood A nestling sighed; The dew loosened Its morning smells. It is here that modern performances of Carmina Burana fall short of Orff’s intentions.

Carmina Burana (Orff) – Wikipedia

I was hesitant to write this — years after your post, I know — because it seems you derive real meaning from your view of the song, and on the surface it is a lovely reading. This version, authorized by Orff himself, allowed smaller ensembles the opportunity to perform the piece.

But I’m afraid it doesn’t accurately reflect the context the song came from, and in case someone comes here while doing research, I wanted to help provide that context. Some of the solo arias pose bold challenges for singers: That Carmina Burana has appeared in hundreds of films and television commercials is proof that it contains no diabolical message, indeed that it contains no message whatsoever.

In Carmina Burana, there are pieces, mostly thought to be written by students, and about half are love songs.