An Enemy of the People is an play by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen wrote it .. “Um Inimigo do Povo na Comuna” [An Enemy of the People in the Commune]. (in Portuguese). Portugal: Teatro da. Um inimigo do povo foi publicado em Copenhague em e estreou no Teatro Nacional em Oslo em 13 de janeiro de Imediatamente foi traduzido para. Questions About Um Inimigo do Povo. by Henrik Ibsen. Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about Um Inimigo do Povo, please sign up.

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This article is about the Henrik Ibsen play. Stockmann’s standing as a champion of the lower classes as opposed to a scientist with a belief in racial determinism and the importance of eugenics for “improving” people.

Retrieved on January 13, Treachery, a point of view].

Peter Stockmann comes to the newspaper office with a statement of his own, intending to reassure the public about the safety of the spa baths. Hovstad and the printer Aslaksen visit the house to reinforce their commitment to the doctor and extend their gratitude.

Stockmann with a letter from the board of directors of the baths, terminating his contract, and a resolution from the homeowners’ association stating that no one should hire Dr. The play was the indirect inspiration for the blockbuster movie Jaws. Stockmann tells his father-in-law, Kiil, that it is his tannery that is leaking most of the inimgo into the baths.


Um Inimigo do Povo, de Henrik Ibsen | Formatura CAL 2018.1

Tomas Stockmann is the medical officer of a recently opened spa in a small town in southern Norway. The regime’s censorship officers would not agree on any more subsequent touring until it is doctored in favor of the regime’s thought on what a play should be. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. An Enemy of the People “.

A Definition and an Estimate. This will bring a great deal of attention to the baths and possibly force them to shut down which will have repercussions on the town’s economy.

This classic play was adapted by Arthur Miller in the s in a production that opened at the Broadhurst Theater on December 28, In the newspaper office, Hovstad and Billing discuss the pros and cons of running Dr. Stockmann has a deeper interest than just the baths.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use inimlgo Privacy Policy. Stockmann in this town again.

Pedro Mantiqueira (translator of Um Inimigo do Povo)

Wikisource has original text related to this article: He can barely speak his own language. Stockmann, Arthur Miller 93 [7]. He decides to call a town meeting and spread the information that way.

As the evening progresses, Dr. Stockmann replies that he intends to stay and make them understand “that considerations of expediency and justice turn morality and justice upside down. In Miller’s adaptation, part of the imimigo speech reads:. Stockmann’s father-in-law, stops by to congratulate him on what Kiil believes is an elaborate prank. The next morning, Dr. Ibsen wrote to his povoo However, Ibsen took a somewhat skeptical view of his protagonist, suggesting that he may have gone too far in his zeal to tell the truth.


April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Peter reiterates that there will be terrible consequences for him and his family. Stockmann that if he proceeds with this article and exposes this information to the town, he will be partially culpable for the ruin of the town.

Truths are by no means the wiry Methuselahs some people think them. In An Enemy of the Peoplespeaking the language of comic exaggeration through the mouth of his spokesman, the idealist Doctor Thomas Stockmann, Ibsen puts into very literal terms the theme of the play: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

En folkefiende is an play by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Stockmann, quoted in Bigsby [6]. And truths so patriarchal as pofo are always shockingly emaciated.