zaljubljenih Uuodenje u urt ljubaui. Uvod Hoala Allahu, Gospctdarusoih s’ujetooa . od Donosim najljepicblagosloveiselamen:rnajodabr,rnijcg svihljudi iposlanikr. Ibn Kajjim is the author of Taman Orang-orang Jatuh Cinta dan Memendam Rindu ( avg rating, ratings, Uvođenje zaljubljenih u vrt ljubavi by. Download pdf book by Ibn Kajjim – Free eBooks. Best eBook Deals & Download PDF Uvođenje zaljubljenih u vrt ljubavi by Ibn Kajjim.

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Srce je ovisno o Allahu!

Kur an nam nam navodi kazivanje o Jusufu a. In order to remain objective, we must take into consideration all the factors that influenced on this.

Speaking of cooperation, grants represent vrr very useful way of encouraging both translating and publishing. It was published in and translated by Mico Ljubibratic. Biblija ne spominje poslanika Huda a.

These are all equally important and effective ways to ensure that Arabic literature gets the wider appreciation which it most certainly deserves. We are not implying here that literary translation is an elite trade, but like any other trade, it requires significant knowledge, great skills and specific sensibility in order to be successful. Approximately the same applies for printed media such as daily newspaper, weekly and monthly magazines.

We do not know how publishing house El-Kelimeh operates regarding the choice of material, but we are inclined to believe that their editorial board has a larger role than the translators. The first direct translation from Arabic was published soon after the German, also in That was the critical point for every future organizing of translating and the main source for educating translators. Arabic literature researchers and translators zaljubljeenih take on a more intense zaaljubljenih and publish articles on the ongoing trends and phenomena in this literature than they did in the past 22 years.

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Uvođenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim

Saadawy, 4th edition] Chart 6 will provide insight to number of single volume translations of Arabic literature originally written in languages other than Arabic. Seven books had been published in more than one edition in that period 6 literary and one non-literary: Cvjetovi iz Muhamedove s.

Considering all the circumstances, we must be pleased with the accomplishments since the working conditions for Arabic translators were more than difficult. Narodna knjiga-Alfa, Beograd: Given all previously said, we find it quite challenging to discuss major phases in Arabic translation tradition in Serbia. It was performed by Rade Bozovic, now retired professor of the Arabic literature and still active veteran translator of numerous prosodic and poetic works of classical and contemporary literature.

Since neither the Department nor any other specialized institution still do not offer any specialized professional training for the translators of any kind, let alone those involved in the literary translation, it is necessary to emphasize that all of the translators from Arabic to Serbian were self- taught and self-built, learning the secrets of the trade on the move, which is undoubtedly the most difficult way.

Da li je islam vjera koja dozvoljava nasilje ili teror? These translations deprived the readers of any information on the development and trends in the female Saudi and Arabic literature, which is a very important and current topic among the researchers.


Single volume non-literary translations via intermediary For example, it would be interesting to know: The most prevailing areas are humanities, belles-letters, children literature, specialized literature, textbooks, computer literature, medicine, philosophy, jurisprudence, linguistics, arts, etc.

Unfortunately that is not a working mechanism for Arabic literature translations.

Translations from Arabic in Serbia, | Dragana Djordjevic –

Looking at the translated titles, it is obvious that the translators have been choosing renowned Arab authors for their work. Serbian audience had the opportunity to get to know younger authors who had never been translated before.

Not only that translated literary titles were considerately less 0. It seems that direct translation of this masterpiece of classical folk literature was and still is evading the agenda of both local publishers and translators. Although we do not know any of latter in person, we can assert here that most of them were not educated the Department of Arabic language and inn at the Faculty kajjm Philology, University of Belgrade. Some remarks will be made concerning the translations of Serbian literature to Arabic as well.

For one thing, without competent translators, all the external support in the world could not have any effect.