Tamiya ryu Iaijutsu. Koran no Maki – the second volume by Takeda N. Sensei – Iaido Kyoshi 7th Dan. The following is a brief description of these kata. There are 43 iai kata with no particular order, but 7 are considered basic. Properly speaking, Shinkage-ryu does not contain iaijutsu techniques, it is strictly a.

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Continue as in hirakinuki. However, the Yagyu Iaijutdu line has subsumed the battojutsu of Yagyu Seigo-ryu, a school derived from Seigo-ryu jujutsu and some jojutsu techniques developed by Yagyu Jubei Mitsutoshi.

Iaijutsu is over four hundred and fifty years old.

You free a passing horse from its rider in this scenario. Four steps, look back over left shoulder, turn clockwise and draw nukitsuke 1 hand this time in a wide half circle.

The following is a brief description of these kata. One enemy on the left. Shinobi-gaeshi — patient cut 5. The world now seeks this spirit of Budo. Turn back to the front and perform nukitsuke while bringing back the left foot. It is considered the foundation for the two major styles of iaido that are practiced today: In its simplest form, it involves the technique of quickly utilizing a sword to deal with a potentially deadly situation and then returning the sword to its sheath in a stylized manner.

At the moment there are about students of this ryu in Japan. Mugen Shinto Ryu Iaijutsu kata. Yoko chiburi and noto while iwijutsu the right foot along a curved line.

Iaido Katas – Black Belt Wiki

Zan-getsu — mountain, moon; moon appears behind mountain. Right foot steps forward and cut and slide back at the end of the cut. These stylistic changes demanded fundamental changes in the arts techniques. Step with the right foot in the direction of the last opponent, while cutting horizontally. Withdraw the left foot, drop down on the left knee and cut. Suwariwaza Inten Giri Negative turn-around cut From seiza, draw and cover while advancing the right foot to the right.


If lost, you will see the sword for a sword and an ancient killing art for no more than its worth to shed blood. Kuruma-giri — big wheel cut. Draw like nukitsuke but at the end the left hand grabs the tsuka too. Working on this solid foundation he began to build a sword style that would survive until these modern times. Narise Sakahiro 20th H. The rest is similar to the end of somakiri except that the second cut left kesa goes down to knee level instead of stopping at suigetsu.

I had never even seen this ryu before.

Shinkage ryu iaijutsu techniques

Rise from seiza and draw, stand in defensive posture with left foot forward. Nagano Muraku Nyudo Kinrosai 4th Headmaster: After the iaiuutsu, raise the sword for ukenagashi, with the left hand still on the mune, while bringing the right foot next to iaijuttsu left.

But instead of a one-use tool, Hayashizaki sama found an immortal use for this technique. However, the more literal breakdown of Iaijutsu illuminates its deeper purpose. Oe Masamishi Shikei Roshu. Shigoki-taoshi — body attach body checktake down 5.

From seiza slide the right foot far forward and cut horizontally very close to the ground, bending forward.


Tamiya ryu Iaijutsu

Tai-ryu — big dragon. Nuki-uchi — kaa, fast cut Taka-no-tsume — elbow grab like a hawk on a rabbit Hayashi Yadayu Seiki Masayori Masataka.

Noto is with the ha pointing up, koiguchi is raised rather high, tsuka goes rather far to the right. Lineage of Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu. Below is the list of the iai kata which compromise the Mugen Shinto Ryu style. Cuts use only the tip, so the cuts never stop never touch bone but are part of a flowing movement. Instructor Links Blog Forum. On the second step, turn clockwise and deliver a tsuka strike to the rear enemy, leading with the right foot.

But, to know when to act, to feel compassion even in the heart of conflict, and to be able to see beyond the surface of the situation, and know what to do. An art–but a martial art.

The left hands slides over the mune to its place on the tsuka to save time while raising the sword. Mizu Kagami Reflection in the water One opponent in front, one on the rear. Konoha-otoshi — falling leaf, otoshi… small wind, but leave falls. Komei Jyuku’s aim is to reveal the virtues and wisdom of Budo through the daily living and practice of our traditional martial art.

Iai is about not giving up, never quitting and seeing yourself through to the end. Taka-no-tsume — elbow grab like a hawk on a rabbit.