Hydrotropic Solubilization. Priyanka Arjaria1, Manoj Goyal2, Suman Jain3. 1Shri Ram College of pharmacy,Banmore,Morena, India, 2IPS College of pharmacy. Purpose. This study examines the mechanism of hydrotropic solubilization using the riboflavin-nicotinamide system. The most commonly proposed mechanism. On the other hand, planarity of the hydrophobic part has been emphasized as an important factor in the mechanism of hydrotropic solubilization. Solute consists.

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Asian Hjdrotropic of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research ; 3 1: The use of hydrotropy to give fast release of poorly water-soluble drugs from the suppositories. Hydrotropes do not have a critical concentration above which selfaggregation ‘suddenly’ starts to occur. Hydrotropic agents are ionic organic salts. Hydrotropes or hydrotropic agents are molecules having planar hydrotropic structure brought into solution by a polar group.


Journal solubilizaton Applied Chemical Research ; Application of hydrotropic solubilization in extraction of active constituents from crude drugs in pharmacognosy field. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management.

The solution was then filtered through Whatman filter paper No. Hydrotropy is a solubilization phenomenon whereby addition of large amount of second solute results in an increase in the aqueous solubility hydrotdopic another solute.

Lornoxicam was a generous gift sample from Life Care Formulations Pvt. Apart from those, hydrotropic solubilization is one of the solubility enhancement techniques applicable to enhance solubility of hydrophobic drugs with the use of hydrotropes like sodium benzoate, urea, piperazine etc.


Hence this method was optimized and employed in the analysis of the tablet formulation.

Enhanced solubulization study of sulphasalazine using different solubilization techniques. Enhancement of water solubility of felodipine by preparing solid dispersion using poly-ethylene glycol and poly-vinyl alcohol. In order to select suitable hydrotropes for sufficient enhancement in solubility for various poorly watersoluble drugs, following method an approximate solubility determination method was used.

Hydrotropic solubilization of poorly water-soluble drugs.

Biochem Z ; Solubility enhancement ratio was calculated by using following formula: Sharma S, Sharma MC. Examples of hydrotropes include ureatosylatecumenesulfonate and xylenesulfonate. Lornoxicam is practically insoluble in water but soluble in alkaline solutions. The results of hydrotropic solubilization of Lumefantrine were given in Table 6.

When drug got dissolved, more drugs few mg by visual observation were transferred to the bottle and again the bottle was shaken vigorously.

UV analysis was carried out using 0. There were more than 55 and 70 fold enhancements in the solubility of hydrochlorothiazide increases in 2 M sodium acetate and solubjlization M Urea solution as solubiliaation to solubilities in distilled water. These include Potassium acetate 6. It is also used in the treatment of other painful conditions including postoperative pain and primary dysmenorrhoea.

UV spectroscopic analysis for the drug was performed and the maximum absorption i.



Indian Pharmacist ; 6: Adenosine triphosphate ATP has solubilizstion shown to be a hydrotrope able to prevent aggregation of proteins at normal physiologic concentrations and to be approximately an order of magnitude more effective than sodium xylene sulfonate in a classic hydrotrope assay.

The solution was allowed to cool to room temperature and diluted five times with methanol R.

Materials and Methods 2. The type of anion or metal ion appeared to have a minor effect on the phenomenon.

Transmittance was hyrdotropic from wave number cm -1 to -1 applying Happ-Gensel apodization. The results of analysis obtained by the proposed method are comparable with the results of analysis obtained by the Indian Pharmacopoeial method. The drug showed good regression value at this wavelength. The solubility study was carried out in triplicate and observations were shown in Table 6. Hydrochlorothiazide shows maximum absorbance at nm.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It precludes the use of organic solvents and thus avoids the problem of residual toxicity, error due to volatility, pollution, cost etc. Application of hydrotropic solubilization in nanotechnology by controlled precipitation.