public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { tory(). setAttribute(“”. Fields inherited from class ement .. Parameters: file – the file to save to; Throws: IOException – if an IO error occurs. HtmlUnit. Java GUI-Less browser, supporting JavaScript, to run against web pages. Brought to getPage(request); (new File(path));.

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Please give an example web page, and list what you would want to save as a result of crawling it. Generally, it supports JavaScript and Cookies, but in some cases it may fail e.

Eave Please accept our cookie agreement to see full comments functionality. WebElement ; import org.

Arya 3, 11 46 There are several search criteria represented by the By object e. Even though its website states the opposite, it is not a free library.

Executes this element’s onload or onerror handler. Optional by ui4j replaces checks against null by Optional.

Web Scraping

Sign up using Facebook. Email Required, but never shown. Like executing javascript properly?

HtmlUnit is used for testing, web scraping, and is the basis for other tools. Nevertheless, it could be used for web scraping. Unfortunately, the getByXPath method provides a list of objects. Java automation to Login to website.

HtmlUnit is ntmlunit without a GUI. ExpectedConditions ; import org. This blog demonstrates a simple web scraping example using four different tools. The constructor demonstrates how a certain mobile hardware can be simulated. This only makes sense for an image map currently only server sidewhere the position matters.


In the end a short comparison of the four is provided. BrowserVersion ; import com. Note that the visit method does not currently do that. I’ve read the privacy terms of innoQ Deutschland GmbH and accept them.

It clicks on the Next link to use pagination to scrape over several pages:. HashMap ; import java. Sign up using Email and Password. Intended to be overridden by nodes which need to perform custom logic when they are added to a page. ArrayList ; import java. This method downloads the image if either of these handlers are present prior to invoking the resulting handlerbecause applications sometimes use images to send information to the server and use these handlers to get notified when the information has been received by the server.

Optional ; import com.

HtmlImage (HtmlUnit API)

Even if it is clear that only one object will match, the user will have to extract the first list element. Subclasses requiring different behavior like HtmlSubmitInput will override this method. Returns the image’s actual width not the image’s width attribute. It is sorta covered in the JavaRanch Style Guide.

Save HtmlUnit cookies to a file

Do they provide all the functionality that a browser safe Refer to the HTML 4. Moreover, casting is needed to convert the provided objects into the appropriate type.


NotFound ; import com. If the submit button is unambiguous, it is sufficient to call submit savs the form without a parameter, otherwise the label on the button can be passed as parameter to the submit method e.

SearchException ; import com. Marks this frame as created by javascript. More information how to use Selenium can be found here. But that’s an easy fix. WebDriver may also simulate a mobile browser. A disadvantage is the heavy usage of exceptions.

Returns the original element qualified name, this is needed to differentiate between img and image.

NoSuchElementException ; import org. The above example demonstrates how these logs can be switched off in the source code. A detailed tutorial is available. Returns the default display style.

There’s an error message to that effect in its output. Returns the value of the attribute longdesc. I don’t know if crawler4j actually supports this use case – it would mean keeping file names in sync so that the HTML files reference the corresponding JS, CSS and image files; have you found anything regarding this?

UserAgent ; import com.