HPg Calculator Tutorial. Description: A set of 33 different lessons spanning 73 pages giving a comprehensive introduction to the 50g. This is a first in a series of RPL programming tutorial with the Hewlett Packard HP 50g Graphics Calculator. RPL stands for the Reverse Polish. HP 50g users guide · HP 50g advanced reference HP Calculator Self-Test Functions · HPg Calculator Tutorial by Merv Newton (retired from Thiel College.

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There is a wide variety of mathematical programs, applications, and analysis that can be done with the HP 50g calculator.

Otherwise, the calculator will read ” You can do a side calculation this is no longer relevant on the TI-Nspire without having to stop mid-input You see the intermediate results, and potentially notice if something goes wrong relatively quickly. We recommend switching the following flags:. Convert the contents of Level 1 to an approximate answer.

For the sake of the environment ttutorial your wallet — the constant battery use will get pricey very fastgo and buy yourself a pack or two of AAA rechargeable batteries.

HP 50g Tutorial videos – English

Instead of functions taking in arguments, as in algebraic mode, calculations are performed by taking a number of elements off of the stack, and then returning values back onto the stack. Doing this on the home screen changes the home menu to.

I am currently using an SD card of 2 GB. After a while, you should see the solutions: Thanks for the great resources! Press [F3] until is checked. If you’re a new user of the 50G, this may be a nuisance, but I can assure you that the way that it’s set up is very useful for programming and entering calculations quickly. Now we get to the good stuff – programming! Particularly, how do I introduce the tutoriql arrow in my program? Now, put your variables to be solved for into an array, by entering ‘X’ ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ on the stack and pressing 3 since there are 3 items in our array: I’ve really noticed a lot of confusion solving systems of equations in RPN mode.


After putting in the batteries, press to turn the calculator on for the first time. Linear systems – Each variable in each equation in the system is raised to a power of exactly ttorial. See bp50g next time!

Getting Started with the HP 50g

No spaces are allowed in variable names. For some of these, you have no choice but to use a calculator or computer, but those are rare. At the end of the day, this calculator is a calculator. You probably have noticed that parentheses are hard to reach on the HP50g. Now, we have the two values of the two sub equations, and we press the divide key to divide the second level by the first level, and then hit the sine key to take the sine of that.

The key locks Alphanumeric characters flag on vs locks Alphanumeric character flag off. You can access other characters as well by first pressing [RS] before the appropriate key. Vitasam October 9, at 9: Since this sadly happens far too often for me to count, it is advised that you keep a set of backup batteries at all times.

Note the bottom edge: Here are both sides of the debate: The only difference is that you can only insert pairs of parentheses. Switching to RPN mode, and settings. Coordinate points and vectors on the stack will automatically be converted. This is called the soft menu. Qa Tools October 22, at 6: How to Name Programs You can name a program almost any name you want.

So, there are a few types tutorizl systems you can solve, and each has a slightly different method: Unlike many of the calculators that you have used before, the HP 50g is significantly different and has a short but tutroial learning curve, which certainly pays off.


You may use these HTML tags and attributes: What am I doing wrong? I’m going to the “U of E” and work through all of your lessons instead of whining about my ignorance of RPL.

Your equations should go into an array. You may have noticed that the second enter was optional. This guide, a Calcblog guest post by ime Matthew Linguides you through the basic setup of your calculator and learning to use RPN reverse Polish notation.

HPg Calculator Tutorial – detailed information

If there is a check mark next thethe calculator will read ” If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment. Note that you cannot run programs straight off the SD card, but despite that limitation, it is an invaluable resource and you should definitely tutirial a card if you are planning on using your calculator often.

When I was using this calculator heavily for a calculus class, I would drain the batteries every week and a half or so. Press [VAR] and find the program or variable you want to delete.

HPg Calculator Tutorial

Be sure to check this blog for future tutorials on RPL Programming. Bruce Prince September 16, at 6: This is a rather small system, and you could actually solve it with the first method. As an experienced user of an HP 50g calculator, I will never want to look back at the TI series except to play Tetris… maybe.

You should get all the solutions on one line. Here are both sides of the debate:.