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Zemlja nam je duguljasta i uska! Nije to bilo ono: I feel the best when I am in Montenegro, of course, because this is where I belong in my heart and my body When you see the sea urchin, be grateful that the sea is still so clear.

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Nije mi se spavalo. Cultures have passed through and changed, and hladoginu monuments have survived, and luckily, our centuries-old por treasure has become richer and more copious. And what does going to the Olympic Games, which seems to be ahead, mean to you? Tko nego onaj koji ne zna voljeti slobodu i leptira koji leti iznad klasalih i procvjetanih travnjaka! Meni su i oba dlana takva Mali klovnovi! Bila je to prikrivena agresija!

Ja sam to morala doznati sama.

Ljeto Broj 34 / Summer 2013 N o 34

Kad bi je izrekao, vezao bi je za drugu zanimljivost zdrravi tako vezivao i ispredao dok ga predsjednik ne bi opet na trenutak prekinuo.

Ten sophisticated erotic water colours inspired by the love verses of a bishop, are presented at exhibition!?! In November Dr. That is the way many situations in life should be solved. Jakubek otvara i zatvara vrata uz jak tresak. Every word addressed to his beloved Lizabet, surpasses time and deserves, regardless of its primary, testamentary purpose, an important place among our most beautiful love stories.


Cultural events, legends, painters, bird colonies, and traditional cuisine are all things that people can give to others and keeping our traditions is the responsibility of our modern generations.

U tome je uspio. Catalogue of entire assortment can be found on the company s web site www. Odstupilo se od zamisli! The basic task of the employees of the National Park is to preserve the lake and its environment in their natural state, preserve conditions necessary for the plant and animal life, not let the waste of our industrial everyday life to disfigure the clear face of the water, or to the break wings of our birds and poison the fish.

We, the performers, and audience, all become one, and we breathe as one. But it s sad a lonely child I like to help good, honorable people, the uncorrupted and modest ones, and when I can, the poor ones.

Naravno, ne svi automobili! That is a great feeling. Don t let anything spoil your wonderful trip!

My friends are waiting for me. Ali, nemojte sa cijelom porodicom stajati tik uz pokretnu traku: Maybe, boats were sailing in the distance. A iz Novog se odlazi bogatijeg duha, jasnijeg sluha, bolje percepcije i zdravijeg pogleda na svijet.

Montenegro is not a large country by its territory, and its national parks can easily be inter-connected, therefore, this enhances our tourism. Ho-pacupa, svi smo skupa! Mislio sam da te moram upozoriti. However, you will also get wine if you order carp with prunes at any of the fine local restaurants. Dzravi ih malen broj! Ovoga bi puta mogao ostati i bez jednosobnog stana! I tu sam se Branku divio! U tjedan dana pgo na Krasnici to me je upitao tri puta. A ako ga je netko nelegalno sazvao, neka ga i otvori!


A i taj bi pobjegao prvom prilikom. Zna se koji su to, i nema potrebe zdrwvi ih imenujem. The sugar from the fruit provides the necessary energy for a person in the morning.

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Brijest je i sa samom korom, bez drva, htio hodati sam. Jesu li se i prije Tiibingena upoznali ili tek tu, to se za sada ne zna.

The Festival, the 27 th in a row, will provide the most successful of regional theatre accomplishments. Pomozite mi, idem do kraja! S tobom Isus i Marija bili vazda! The sector engaged in the tourist development of Skadar Lake and other national parks, is headed by Mr. It is similar to something familiar, but entirely composed here. During the five-week period, total of 10, people were working on preparation of 50th jubilee haldovinu, and made temporary village for inhabitants. Dance is a form of expression that has a future.