The Hiraṇyagarbha Sūkta of the Rig Veda declares that God or Lord manifested Himself in the beginning as the Creator of the Universe, encompassing all. The hymn is known as hiranyagarbha sukta and presents an important glimpse of the emerging monism, or even monotheism, in the later Vedic. The translation of 10 mantras of Hiranyagarbha Sukta by Prof R L Kashyap is given below: In the beginning (agre) arose the golden seed(1); born, he was the .

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It is that Divinity, through whom hiranyagarbha sukta heaven is strong and the earth firm, who has steadied the suktw and the hiranyagarbha sukta vault, and measured out hiranyagarbha sukta sphere of clouds in the mid-region.

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Size of this preview: Thus we have heard from the wise who taught us this. By knowing Him who alone pervades the universe, men become immortal.

Do not ask too much, O Gargi. When the mighty waters came, carrying the hiranyagarbha sukta germ, producing the flame of life, then dwelt there hiranyagadbha harmony the Hiranyagarbhaa Spirit of the Devas.

That object of our desires for hiranaygarbha we call you 3may that be ours 4. Through whose greatness these snow-clad moun- tains existwhose property men call the ocean with the rivers, whose are these quarters of space, whose are the two arms. Verse Into a blind darkness they enter who worship only the unmanifested prakriti; but into a greater darkness they enter who worship the manifested Hiranyagarbha. Verse 9 Yajnavalkya said: Who is the deity we shall worship with our offerings?

Rig Veda: Rig-Veda, Book HYMN CXXI. Ka.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But those wise men of tranquil minds who lives in the forest on alms, practising penances appropriate to their stations of life and contemplating such deities as Hiranyagarbha, depart, freed from impurities, by the Path of the Sun, to the place where that immortal Person dwells whose nature is imperishable.


After the earth was created, Hiranyagarbha sukta was tired. In the beginning was the Divinity in his splendourmanifested as the sole Lord of land, skies, water, space and that beneath and He upheld the earth and the heavens.

The Creator Prajapati of the three worlds of men, angels, and archangels Bhur, Bhuwah, and Swah ; the first of the created beings; Hiranyagarbha or cosmic intelligence.

They no more return to this world. Dream is a reproduction of the experiences of the physical consciousness with some modifications. No demerit ever goes to the gods.

He who knows this becomes the self of all beings. The Rig-Veda says that the incomprehensible divine germ of our universe, ” ‘the one Lord of all beings.

Brahma is therefore he who brings forth many ‘ahms’ or egos or beings into this world using his divine power and matter and pouring life breath into them. The mind weaves out the dream creatures out of the material supplied from waking consciousness.


It is that through whom the heaven is strong and the earth firm, who has steadied the light and the sky’s vault, and measured out the sphere of clouds in the mid-region. In the beginning was the Divinity in his splendour, manifested as the sole Lord of hjranyagarbha, skies, water, space and that beneath and he upheld the earth and the heavens.

The hiranygarbha person to come forth from the hiranyagarbha was Narayana. They call the oceans and their essence rasa as his 2. Mother of the world – may that not destroy us who with Truth as his Law made the heavens and produced waters, vast and beautiful. Who is the Deity we shall worship with our offerings? What did he do? Documents Similar To hiranyagarbha suktam. The Abhimani of Svapna Avastha is Taijasa.


VedaPurana | Hindu Encyclopedia

H e in his might beheld energies waters 1bearing discernment daksha and gave birth to Yajna 2He was the sole God above adhi all the Gods 3. Vedic Scientific Excellence Vedic science is the term used in modern attempts to systematize The term can also mean as He who, having become first the Creator, has come to be considered as the womb of all objects. Translation Sanskrit to English English to Sanskrit. When the vast waters overspread the universe containing the germ and giving birth to Agni, then was produced the one breath of the gods, held the waters all around containing the creative power and giving birth masters of many treasures in harmony!

The shining being in whom the whole universe lives in its dormant state. He hiranyagarbha sukta the moving and the unmoving, He is far and near, He is within all these and without all these. The trimurti can thus be considered a personification of hiranyagarbha as the active principle behind the phenomena of the universe.

Then a being created from the mind of Hiranyagarbha comes and leads them to the worlds of Brahmin. Sanaga from Parameshthin Viraj. This sacrifice was performed by the founder of the Rashtrakuta dynastyDantidurgato confer Kshatriyahood on himself, as he was not born a Kshatriya but wanted to overthrow his Chalukya overlord to set up the Rashtrakuta empire, and in olden days, the Caste System in India was very prevalent and he was not accepted by the people as their King, until he conferred Kshatriyahood upon himself.

Part Two and Four: Prajapati received this knowledge from his relationship to Brahman the Vedas.