The original design for this motor should be credited to John Bedini and Ron Cole. John Bedini is recognized today as an electrical/electronic. The article following is a brief account of my construction and testing of the Bedini /Cole window motor. It is a work in progress and thus may. Besides this motor, there is one version called a “Bedini-Cole Window Motor” This is what it looks like: The plans have been given out to the.

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COP of roughly 37 — 74 — infinity!?

John Bedini Window Motor :: Nikola TESLA 3 generations later

I may add some additional parts at a later date. The hall effect transistor is to activate sw1 I use a solid state relay for sw1 wind as much turns as possible try to get above 6 ohm. Please consider supporting Energetic Forum with a voluntary monthly coel. Hence it is evident that you have to switch both the N and the S. Hope this helps cheers mike continued in next post Since neither materials, not dimensions, are presented on the website, I am only making a rough approximation for the latter based upon what I can estimate from the images.

Message ofThu Nov 23, 3: He has documented all the facets of his motor. Then I have to cloe the capacitor back up. Mike HMM from the gn0sis forum has built a modified Bedini Cole window motor which he can run without batteries for hours and can charge up empty capacitors.

I pulled the hall output to ss relay, I spun it by hand for the scope shot without hall ss relay Lets build and then compare results I am going to build another to the same specs and see if it performes the same. Anyway, I’d encourage anyone to save entire websites to their computer as interesting info arises. I’m not getting into the specifics in this message about the distinctions because this topic is too important to focus on the misconceptions. BB code is On. Excellent detective work by John.


This is something I learned in the military, how to get the answers. Oh and the scope shots, the third winding shot scope is set to diffrent scope timing. Find all posts by Patrick Kelly. Movie downloaded November 22 from, http: He has not considered all the factors! The commutator in image 15 above, which is my windlw, is a mechanical switch, it works with HV if you can keep the brushes from burning ,otor at high voltage. Al fin veo a alguien que empieza a hacer las cosas como corresponden: Study John Bedini’s circuits There is lots of free available information on the internet.

It means the armature cannot have been spun to any high RPMs; it is physiologically impossible. I have coole most impressed with Mike’s modification to the Window motor. These group verifications cannot be done properly with a? Jetijs and Ren, I really admire the work you guys have done!

The motor does not run indefinitely. All times are GMT. One time at John’s shop, he hooked up a little battery to this motor and it was so efficient it almost didn’t register any amperage on the meter while it was running. The first thing to state here is that their is a big difference between efficiency and COP of the system. No in the video the motor was powered by capicitance only. Find all posts by Jetijs.

We need to get away from the friction of using bearings. If you add a load the motor will slowly come to a stop. Use a big capacitor and let the motor charge the capacitor while you spin it, by tapping eithercoil for the AC, incl. The Group needs to understand what they are buildingthey are building a machine that takes advantage of a simple trigger system, you must supply the trigger to cause the effect to happen.


Aaron, in the window motor yahoo group there was numerous messages on Mikes motor. windpw

Bedini/Cole Window Motor with a Jefimenko electrostatic motor twist

Suppose that the motor rotates at rpm, which is 50 revolutions per second. I tried every conceivable timing by adjusting it as the motor was running. The version shown in the video of this motor running, uses a Hall-effect semiconductor to sense the position of the shaft magnetically and utilises solid-state relays to do the switching.

Hi everyone, One of my passions is studying and building “free energy” technologies. The electrostatic component of this motor is my attempt to meld two technologies together. Liked By View All.

Also, he has run the experiment and determined that the Ceramic Magnets work better. I don’t know if all is needed for the circuit.

There just has to be a way to do this. We are interested primarily in the capacitor version as it demonstrates very clearly that conventional science needs to be revised to encompass both perpetual motion and the Zero-Point Energy field which provides the power for wihdow we see as perpetual motion:. As far as I can tell, Mike’s modification is drawn incorrectly, or really just doesn’t jbedini anything.

Sterling and Eric Kthey are doing everything possible to stop the book from coming out, I have seen the E-mails to Tom, and his crappie analysis of the SG project.

It should do the same thing. True aether energy tapping, as I had originally conceived in principle.