This is the second volume in Harry Turtledove’s epic alternative history of history, nothing less — Publishers Weekly on HOW FEW REMAIN). It’s , in a world where the Confederacy won its independence at the Battle of Antietam in The United States declares war over the Confederate. How Few Remain is a alternate history novel by Harry Turtledove. It is the first part of the Southern Victory saga. The book received the Sidewise Award for .

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The book jumps between perspectives on both sides of the conflict, and is wonderfully nuanced.

Havoc that may be more than mere banditry, as deserters and freed slaves flock to his cause: The story is poorly told through multiple viewpoints of recognizable historical figures playing mostly minor roles. A nighttime whipping in a lamplit barn. In the bloody revolution, gods were all but wiped out. He gave Lincoln cew interesting spin by making him a Marxist, and if he had done that with every other character I would have shouted his praise from the tutledove.

How Few Remain – Wikipedia

He’s creative and the man is a Doctor. The characters are all historical figures, and while Turtledove has done his research and can cleverly throw in true traits of the character like Jackson and his lemons they just don’t do entertaining stuff. Date June 25, to April 22, In the book, it almost seems the opposite. While Turtledove’s later books in this series “Timeline “, being Special Order that went astray during Lee’s march on Antietam may drag, through depression and two world wars, this first volume was promising, fast-paced, and vivid.

How Few Remain (Timeline, #1) by Harry Turtledove

A At first I was disappointed that the book focused almost exclusively on historical people, because I was interested in imagining what life would be like for the common person if the South had won the Civil War. Feb 25, Melissa rated it really liked it Shelves: Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. Familiar names make up this time, and their motivations and beliefs are familiar, but more complicated than we know.


But this was a new kind of war, fought on a lawless frontier where the blue and gray battled not only each other, but the Apache, the outlaw, and even the redcoat. I must give Harry Turtledove credit As remian person who enjoys history, this book is an absolute treat. The variety of historical figures he uses in order to fully portray this alternative era and the authenticity of their voices are both compelling.

In effect, while conceding defeat in this war, Blaine was setting the stage for the next one, instilling in U. John Pope is appointed as the military governorputs down the revolt, and imposes martial law. My husband is a history nerd too, and I had so much fun discussing different plot points with him as I read.

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A man will be split in two, and a young woman will rise to the height of her powers. In this version, those papers are NOT dropped, and the South wins the war in Confederate genius Stonewall Jackson again soared to the heights of military expertise, while the North’s McClellan proved sadly undeserving of his once shining reputation as the “young Napoleon.

There really wasn’t one that I disliked, although I did think Custer was an asshat. December 24, Imprint: I had to keep gritting my teeth and reminding myself this is just a character kind of loosely based on Roosevelt. When I initially started the book, it was with the intention of gaining some context for the next book and its time-period of the First World War, which was my main focus. Preparations are going smoothly until one of the men overseeing arrangements for the celebration accidentally falls to his death from a cliff on the symbolic Capitoline Hill.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Lee goes on to capture Philadelphia, earning the Confederate States of America diplomatic recognition from both the United Kingdom and Francethus winning the war which is known as the War of Secession in the alternate timeline and independence from the United States on November 4, Is this bad research, or purposefully showing that politicians can’t allow a defensive war?


How Few Remain is that tale, an enjoyable read in its own right. This book is set injust after the USA vew finally elected another Republican president.

Still, it’s interesting to think “What If? He was an abusive swine who couldn’t organise a booze-up in a winery and was caught up in a number of scams, including one surrounding the supply of imperial purple dye and a family of shellfish-boilers. Tilting the Balance Worldwar, Book Two. He’s kind of weird but I like him.

The series is an attempt at a sort of overarching epic that spans ish years of alternate history, and is as far as I turtoedove unique in the genre for its reach and popularity. Apart from the unnecessary sex scenes who cares, anyway? President Blaine uses the “coerced” purchase as a casus bellileading to the commencement of what will later become known as the Second Mexican War.

Apr 09, Benson Wang rated it really liked it. Calvary charged with hzrry Manifest Destiny-enacting white settlers against Red Indians in the West had fewer than their original compliment of digits or limbs, or raging cases of PTSD.

How Few Remain

I must give Harry Turtledove credit for turtledoev within me to explore this genre in this beautiful and well-crafted world in ‘How Few Remain. Did Custer get the presidential nomination? But each has a secret to hide, and each has a reason to kill. Every page was a struggle. One thing I noticed is that the author takes a lot of care only to include things that would follow from the premise nothing too unexpected ever happens. Fwe, the threat of war looms over London. And that plot is wonderful.