The Awakening Of Kundalini By GopiKrishna. Identifier TheAwakeningOfKundaliniByGopiKrishna. Identifier-ark ark://t6c29w It was Gopi Krishna’s belief that knowledge of Kundalini is essential for the one morning, he experienced the sudden and forceful awakening of Kundalini. This article appeared in several books by Gopi Krishna including Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man. I sat steadily, unmoving and erect.

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I ate supper in silence, without appetite or relish, and retired to bed. Linda Mears rated it really liked it May 24, He worked to educate the public about the injustice of this custom and met with some success.

Gopi Krishna and Kundalini | ICR Learning Center

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His own analysis of that situation is that the awakened Kundalini went up into the Pingala Nadis instead of into the Sushumna Nadi where it rightfully belongs. The intensity of concentration interrupted my breathing; gradually it slowed down to such an extent that at times it was barely perceptible. To constant light-awareness, shimmering halo-consciousness but interrupted repeatedly by years of relapse and illness.

If these women’s own families could not care for them – and they often could not as they had already impoverished themselves paying her dowry – begging or prostitution were her only means of survival. He spent the first eleven years of his life growing up in this beautiful Himalayan valley. I had an unaccountable feeling of fear and uncertainty.

A number of women under the Society’s care found gentlemen they wished to marry – the women’s wishes being the key.

I could not reconcile the exaltation of the morning with the depression that sat heavily on me while I tossed from side to side on the bed. My whole being was so engrossed in the contemplation of the lotus that for several minutes at a time I lost touch with my body and surroundings. This time I tried to maintain the fixity of my attention and succeeded for a few seconds, but the sensation extending upwards grew so intense and was so extraordinary, as compared to anything I had experienced before, that in spite of myself my mind went towards it, and at that very moment it again disappeared.


His insights into the lundalini nature of the body predates the scientific discoveries of today.

He has put this amazing aspect of our nature in a logical, consistent and scientific light, and presented us with a new understanding of the goal of evolution, both as individuals and as a species.

These women were protected just as they would have been by a loving awakenimg and no courtship was begun or marriage considered unless the woman explicitly desired it.

Gopi Krishna and Kundalini

Before his death in at the age of eighty-one, Gopi Wwakening would write seventeen books on Higher Consciousness – three of them entirely in verse. I had read glowing accounts, written by learned men, of great benefits resulting from concentration, and of the miraculous powers acquired by yogis through such exercises. Andrew Richey rated it really liked it Apr 24, But his main thrust over the years was to write about mystical experience and the evolution of consciousness from a scientific point of view – that there is a biological mechanism in the human body, known from ancient times in India as Kundalini, which is responsible for creativity, genius, psychic ability, religious and mystical experience, as well as some types of aberrant mental illness.

In it had been less than ten years since women had won the vote and the vast majority of the women in the world were still considered chattel. Angie Cameron rated it really liked it Oct 03, It will tell the complete story of Gopi Krishna from birth to death and describe his awalening personal awakening and all of its ramifications – it will be an instant classic.

Gopi Krishna (yogi) – Wikipedia

From that view-point, you are one of the rarest persons on earth today. I was now all consciousness, without any outline, without any idea of a corporeal appendage, without any feeling or sensation coming from the senses, immersed in a sea of light simultaneously conscious and aware of every point, spread out, as it were, in all directions without any barrier or material obstruction.

But, why did I feel uneasy and depressed? See it on Amazon. Suddenly, with a roar like that of a waterfall, I felt a stream of liquid light entering my brain through the spinal cord. It was easier to sequence the human genome than it would be for any person to write the books Gopi Krishna wrote.


But his published books need to be placed in university and public libraries so that they will be accessible to scholars in the future. The sun had risen and was shining full on my face, warm and soothing. Gopi Krishna did far more than just speak out for women.

Books by Gopi Krishna. Saying nothing to my wife, I took my meal in silence and left for work.

Gopi Krishna (yogi)

After Gopi Krishna insisted that all be released, the authorities relented. My thoughts wandered, and instead of being in a state of happy expectancy I felt strangely nervous and uneasy. In India conditions for women were even worse and a man campaigning publicly for women’s rights would have been unheard of. Was there, after all, really some truth in the oft-repeated claim of the sages and ascetics of India, made for thousands of years and verified and repeated generation after generation, that it was possible to apprehend reality in this life if one followed certain rules of conduct and practised meditation in a certain way?

Rami rated it it was amazing Jan 09, Sleep had not refreshed me. It continued to expand until he heard, quite without warning, a roar like that of a waterfall and felt a stream of liquid light enter his brain.

Long practice had accustomed me to sit in the same posture for hours at a time without the least discomfort, and I sat breathing slowly and rhythmically, my attention drawn towards the crown of my head, contemplating an imaginary lotus in full bloom, radiating light.

Fascinating subject, but not the best writing. People who knew him well mention that he had the capability to be a world class wrestler, however, he spent most of his energy on intellectual pursuits. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted.