God Is A Bullet [Boston Teran] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Praise. “A shotgun thriller with the cocksure timing of a professional hit.” –The New York Times Book Review “[A] BRILLIANTLY PACED, SUSPENSE-PACKED . “Boston Teran writes like an angel, shining a clear light on the deeds of the devil in this hunt-and-chase thriller. GOD IS A BULLET is a stunner of a suspense.

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It isn’t for the squeamish nor, evidently, the scholarly A fourteen-year-old girl is kidnapped by a bloodthirsty satanic cult that calls itself the Left-Handed Path. Get to Know Us. The reason for the title held much learned. It’s rough stuff, powerfully executed; and although there are moments when the dialogue gets a bit new age and the plotting gets a tad scruffy around the edges, there are enough pleasurable moments of action and finely wrought prose to overcome this.

Return to Book Page. Case, as the ex junkie who helps Bob find Gabi, is a fallen angel.


Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Apr 18, Tom Tischler rated it really liked it.

Also either the editing of this book was horrible or the writer was trying to capture Cormac McCarthy but not ever achieving it. But his book is as likely to make you boke as his name.


God Is a Bullet

buullet Easy to pull against a Manson-like character such as Cyrus but he is not the only evil in this book. I found the setup of the story to be clunky, confusing and forced. Jul 30, Karen Burgess rated it really liked it. Jan 21, John Page rated it really liked it. In the end, who or what was the evil? Sure hope they end up together in the end.

I’d give it 4. I just couldn’t take Cyrus seriously though – no one would be allies with anyone who was so universally horrible to everyone. I don’t need that crap. I have abandoned more than one book written in this style as I find it to be obnoxious. A big part of this subgenre’s appeal is wrapped up in the way it makes a nice place look like some sort of war zone.

In at least two key ways, God is a Bullet has got a lot more in common with Ellroy’s early s Lloyd Hopkins stuff than the massively multivolume historical crime-n-conspiracy books he writes now. And when it hits the fan, Teran lets you watch, like the silver screen. Great characters, complicated but believable plot.

GOD IS A BULLET by Boston Teran | Kirkus Reviews

Occasionally that shit took me out of the filthy world I’d been drawn into and annoyed me. I can’t take away my original 5 star rating.

I have a reading challenge to compare the winners of the this award with the Winners of the Edgar Award for best first novel. Hardin, like just about everyone else in this overblown blood-splatterer, clogs her crude soliloquies about evil and social complacency with obscenities and rock-—n—-roll lyrics.


Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. But Teran, the author of the excellent The Creed of Violencehas imagined here a brutal, no-holds-barred world in which no prisoners are taken and no mercy is asked for or given.

God Is a Bullet

It is dark and haunting, filled with passages that stay with you into the night, characters that are both monstrous and only too real This book hits the darkness from the get-go and never lets up. Nothing I have ever read, nothing, has filled me with the exciting sense of dread and fear I felt while reading this extraordinary first novel.

Every page carries a fresh wallop and a nightmarish jolt. It has been several weeks since I read this book, and the experience is still with me. The fact that I chalk most of my dislike tteran to taste is the only reason that Biston did not give it one star. This iz has graphic violence, and acts so evil that the reader is left gasping.