sportive,Teorie si metodica, Editura Aldin, Buc.;. GHEORGHE, CÂRSTEA () – Teoria si metodica educatiei. fizice si sportului, Editura An. Sport (2). The Faculty of Architecture / Architecture. 1st Year, sem 2, CARSTEA, Gheorghe – Educatia fizica – fundamente teoretice și metodice, COLIBABA- EVULET, D; BOTA, Ioan – Jocuri sportive,Teorie si metodica, Editura Aldin, Buc. Carstea Gheorghe, Teoria si metodica educatiei fizice si sportului, Editura Universul;. Bucuresti. 2. Dragnea Adrian, Antrenamentul sportive. Editura.

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During the experiment the following relevant indicators confirmed the research hypothesis: This assesses the functional independence level in the daily carsfea activities. By obtaining accurate values of relevant indicators and finding a record of their synergistically manifestations, then the effects should be significant with regard to the increase of the exercise capacity of high performance female handball.

Procedeele metodice de lucru sunt: The affection was detected at birth, being caused edjcatiei perinatal cadstea. Taking shoes Daily activities 1. It combines exercises addressed to spinal static and dynamic disorders from ankylosing spondylitis and exercises designed for hip prosthesis and hip osteoarthritis.

The pivot was recorded in this area with The athletes answers in qualitative researches reveal the need to be in control of their own choices and personal schedules. The present paper aims at studying the interdependence between the sporting management and a sports branch which is highly praised at a worldwide level, namely football. Findings indicate that the relations between sports participation and enjoyment or positive attitudes are not to be direct and may be influenced by yheorghe factors.

Looking retrospectively, as young adults, they all link their present satisfaction with sport to a sense of autonomy in sport when younger. Specific competitive effort in the female handball game. From his medical history we mention that he has blindness of the left eye, due to a trauma at 5 years old, he was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis in and had a left hip arthroplasty in Complains are now of permanent nature, of high intensity, increasing in clinostatism and with discreet improvement after mobilization.

Phenomena that can produce such changes are numerous, as such is not only desirable, but also necessary to conduct regular sociometric test application and thus to compare results and detect factors that caused fixice changes.

After metodkca regular and prolonged practice fziice swimming, one can observe an increase in the thoracic perimeter and diameter, in the vital capacity, in the maximum respiratory flow, and in the VO2 max.


Even if most physical education teachers consider running as the only means of developing endurance, we believe that this ability sportuluui be developed very well through other means, which we present below.

To get a better physical condition and to remain able to move, it is very important that individuals suffering from ankylosing spondylitis also exercises at home. Stabilirea normelor de efort Volumul de lucru este de ore anual din care: The submaximal effort is another important indicator whose research hypothesis is accepted.

As reported in the literature, individuals with Down syndrome display low muscle tone, or low stiffness. The value of critical t is 2.

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The growth inplayer compensation was partially offset by a reduction in bonuses paid due to finishing as runners upin the FAPL and quarter finalists in the UCL. Hence, the decision to engage in such programs should be founded on a clear orientation towards competitive success and on a strong will to become an expert player, ready to practice at the standards of volume and intensity required by excellent performance.

It also increases the risk of complications e. This sense of accomplishment, of serious effort and things well done appears to be linked with a sense of autonomy. However, literature suggests that the sport promoting strategies are being maintained despite of the increased demands in the anthropometric characteristics of professional players and demands of the actual professional soccer competitions.

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Once again, fun seems to be related to a good practice, a good competition, and a sense of accomplishment among the young athletes and across the various sports in which they are involved. Physical Education and Sport Fascicle”. Regarding the selfcare, she is permantently dependent on mother, especially when it s about dressing the lower body and taking shoes. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

In the present study we present two of the problems raised by talent search and the risks of such search. Elyan M, Khan MA.

Curs baschet

For reaching the set goals, we gheorghf a few methodical-organizational indications: The present results demonstrated that body stability and balance continue to evolve until adulthood in ordinary people whereas they reach a plateau at adolescence in DS subjects.

Gheprghe primary goal of the therapy is to maximise long term health-related quality of life, by different means, using pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments Braun J, colab, Stabilirea normelor de efort Volumul de lucru: The rapport of these types of effort differs, both during one game, and especially during various games Demeter, Profit on disposal of players Profit on disposal of players for the quarter ended 30 June was 3.


This indicator depends greatly on the lengths of the training lesson and the intensity of the effort. Regain joint mobility, muscle tone and trophicity 5. Se va insista pe: Analyses were conducted for the whole group and separately for gender. The energy consumption per minute was recorded with lower initial values than the final values according to the statistical calculations made on a large number of date collected with the help of the Team Polar System.

Eye examination for uveitis was negative. These specifications refer to four fundamental benchmarks for objective assessment of physical effort: In brief, the following aspects were observed: From the measurements made during the research we found out that the percentage of working with a certain intensity value given by the heart rate and the players is: These findings suggest that autonomy in goal setting plays a positive role in the athletes satisfaction with their sport and it is not reducible to goal difficulty.

We argue that it would be useful for coaches and families who carry the responsibility of choice and lead the young performers to have better information about important non biological variables when making decisions that can influence all the youngsters life.

Four age groups were characterized by the carsfea age-bua. Therefore, longitudinal metodiica should explore the potential effects of a multi-seasons-long participation in practices ai competitions on the constructs under analysis, and indirectly, on the way young athletes deal with the complexity carseta personal interactions provided by sport and how they shape their own vision about sport.

Hiking can be performed very well in any season, existing however certain conditions temperature, snow, ice, duration of the light during the day, danger of avalanches, etc. As an example, in a longitudinal study with a large group of Portuguese young swimmers boys and girls aged 13 to 16 years and 12 to 14 years respectivelythe only parameter that showed to be correlated with performance and predict it in competition was the ability to maintain a fast velocity over 30 minutes.

Body sway area was recorded by means of a 3-strain gauge platform with automatic weight correction Stabilotest, PostureWin Platform V