Geweldloze communicatie by Marshall B. Rosenberg, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Geweldloze communicatie: ontwapenend, doeltreffend en verbindend on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As founder of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. says,. “What others do may be a stimulus of our feelings, but not the cause.”.

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I’ve found it extremely effective to also empathize with people’s thoughts, as it meets their need to be heard and understood. Geweldloxe I grew up, found myself and got to know others – I started to realize that we have our motivations, needs and ways of looking at the world. Observe what’s happening – what’s really going on?

I listened to the audiobook version, and it’s fairly awful. It requires constant awareness of one’s behaviours. This book seems to target HR looking for a facilitator for their next corporate offsite or kindergarten teachers deliberately mediating disagreements between their charges, so this title isn’t one I would have picked for myself.

One foot in front of the other.

I figure if I can learn to communicate with compassion it will be the first step towards being a wise person! The emphasis on the importance of changing the ways in which language and thinking are connected for us, in order to restore political power to individuals and communities, is what really sold me on the styles of communication Rosenberg lays out that is, nonviolent communication, or NVC for short.

Geweldloze communicatie by Marshall B. Rosenberg (4 star ratings)

He describes different ways that we prevent ourselves from being fully present for someone including: That said, I still recommend this book. Chiel van Soelen Translator. It doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it just means that this sort of communication is just slowly making its way into the mainstream.


That said, the book is so highly This book seems to target HR looking for a facilitator for their next corporate offsite or kindergarten teachers deliberately mediating disagreements between their charges, so this title isn’t one I would have picked for myself. My only concern with this book is that it makes no mention of how nvc would apply when dealing with people who suffer from a reduced ability to experience empathy or who can only experience “cold” empathy ie they c This is a book worth reading and rereading, and rereading again.

Of course, Nonviolent Communication is only the start. Just stating the naked facts and actions, no interpreting them nor blaming or judging the person that did them; 2- Expresses his own feelings towards that behaviour or actions; 3- Expresses his needs that hasn’t been fulfilled by this behaviour.

Imagine learning to walk for the first time. I was raised by an extreme trauma survivor and it’s almost as though I was designed as a threat. Thirdly, when you feel an emotional response to a situation, identify it. In short, I definitely concur with all the previous recommenders of Rosenberg’s work. According to the author, the manner of communicating he describes is the most natural and effective way to do so, people would communicate that way if they hadn’t been thought to rely on life alienating communication, a communication that is labelled as violent because it is based on interpreting, blaming and judging, negatively or positively, others, a method that depends on people making others feeling shameful or guilty and denying The book describes a totally different way of communication.


If now person A would use NVC, he would say: Then take an NVC class. Books by Marshall B.

I had to read this in small doses, but it really did have a lot of thought-provoking information about how we can communicate with others to get what we need in life without initiating heated and unproductive conversations.

I would recommend this book to anybody willing to improve his communication skills or willing to learn more about psychology and communication.

Geweldloze communicatie : ontwapenend, doeltreffend en verbindend

Skip the intro and go straight to the first chapter. I am hyper aggressive. He was the founder and Director of Educational Services for the Center for Nonviolent Communication, an international non-profit organization. Rosenberg states, “recipients of such praise do work harder, but only initially. The basic framework you are responsible for your own feelings and for your needs to be met stands true to human nature.

Geweldloze communicatie

Another aspect of the book is that it also speaks to the essential need for developing compassionate communication with one self. But training your mind and body to move in that new way takes years of training and practice.

Though plenty of dialog examples, Marshall shows how recognizing emotions then connecting with needs can help us better communicate and relate to those around us.