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Be respectful, civil, and charitable. It studdies required a lot of mental strength to break with the habits you got accustomed to in those 39 years of your life. Repeat 3 times or so. I’ve become somewhat of a creature of habit. Did you slow it down or lower the incline for 15 seconds? We go bc we are middle aged and want to be healthy. Can’t be, I don’t see any palm trees in the pic.

Add that to trying to find time for the kids, being spent, wanting my “own” time on the weekends, etc. Don’t get me wrong it takes effort, self discipline and dedication, but the rewards will come.

Best and Worst Ab Exercises

This I think almost entirely due to bad form, namely arching my back. I hope you keep at it and continue to attain your goals.

Imgur These last pictures are from a couple months ago, so probably about 9 months in. Will bestworstabexerciss around to it soon I suppose. I’m sure you’ve bwstworstabexercises of them, and if not they are on bodybuilding.

Also sweet tan gains, I’m jealous. Prohibited behavior includes but is not limited to racist, misogynistic, sexist, and overtly offensive comments that have nothing to do with fitness. I’m just wondering, why don’t I have a mirror in my kitchen.


Fast metabolism my ass; discipline, planning and hard work will get almost anyone there. These last pictures are from a couple months ago, so probably about 9 months in. Just based on your composition before starting to workout I feel like you genetically have an easier time burning fat. I’m sure genetics certainly plays a part.

Look it up in our Glossary. Routine critique requirements I just don’t binge for most part and I do try to have some healthy meals on weekends too so it’s not completely eating bad foods. Personal attacks and unwanted sexual comments will not be tolerated. Imgur Imgur I stopped taking progress pics for past few months, I think I look similar to the last couple pictures but chest improved.

Posts must be specific to improving physical fitness and promote useful discussion. Good fucking job and great post. The other aspect is that my wife says I’m more “present” than I used to be which means it’s not just the physical time you have with your family.

It’s not uncommon for men your age to be on testosterone replacement therapy. Crunch on exercise ball 7. Many of my workouts in fact where challenging to keep under an hour since the rest periods for my compound lifts were getting longer as weight was getting higher.

After 4 months, I was down from high lbs, to around I definitely know it made me lose weight, HIIT has you losing calories not just for the time sgudies running but afterwards as well. Sounds like my story as well.

First time working out at M/5’11″/ Progress pictures. : Fitness

Posts must be specific to improving physical fitness and promote useful discussion 3. Presumably because Asians have lower thresholds for obesity.


Your HIIT, so you sprinted 45, jogged 15 and did this 5x total right? I had much more energy through the day and wouldn’t fall asleep reading books to the kids before they went to bed an almost daily occurrence before working out. Stay mindful of reddiquette and consider this bestworstavexercises from the reddit admins.

As a fellow Asian-American in his 40’s who is currently on a cut, I’m bestworstabexerclses. In less than six months, I lost all my gains and strength.

Other times full on sprint 12mph for 30 secs then 30 secs rest I worked out for over a decade but was always too chicken to really push a “bulk” fear of gaining too much fat or a cut fear of losing muscle. The breakfast never changes and people tell me 5 eggs a day isn’t great for cholesterol but I’ve now done it almost a year.

Nuts and Peanut butter oftentimes for snack. Lunch I typically do the big salad with almost every veggie possible but with at least two cups of chic in it. You certainly know you can since you’ve done it before!


Any help would be great. Great starting program and you’ll get much stronger and get bigger too. When I was 38 I said “screw it” and went for a bulk gained too bestsorstabexercises fat but it was a good learning experience and then, shortly after, went on a hard cut.

I think this has finally motivated me to do this. Can you break down what I should do in the gym?