Funjet Ultra Power Set – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: grams, 70 odd grams (too many stickers? The Funjet Ultra is the latest version of the very popular Funjet. Many have put the earlier Funjet through its paces. The. Multiplex Funjet Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Multiplex Funjet Building Instructions.

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Images View all Images in thread. Thanks for the compliments everyone! I saw that your review said 31oz, was that the manufacturers details or the weight of the actual model? Ensure the spar is centered in the fuselage and slip your wing halves over it.

Charge current mA Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Psycho Synapse Gravity Fighter.

I had to smile at the part about how it took as long to apply the decals as it did to build the airframe. However, we would ask you to check all the parts before you start construction, as we cannot exchange components which you ultrx already worked on.

The battery on itw own weights 10oz. Thanks for the vunjet. I guess everyone’s definition of “slightly” above can be different??

Can’t wait to get it in the air. I ended up using medium CA and thick CA during the course of my build, depending upon the amount of working time I needed to secure components.

Should your motor not be rotating the right direction, simply swap any two of the three wires connecting your motor uktra the ESC. Keeping this in mind, setup your approaches fairly shallow and long as to help fnujet FunJet bleed off its speed while on its decent.


Why does this small foam airframe cost so much? The KV Ultda motor has a nice blue anodized finish and utilizes 3 bullet style connectors for attaching it to your ESC. Installing the vertical stabs on this model is as simple as pushing them into their pre-slotted holes in the fuselage and securing them in place with glue of your choice.

Aileron, elevator delta mixer required and throttle. Nov 27, More fun with Google Language Tools: C – brushless motor Order No.

Not only does it look nice and smooth, but I’ve learned Elapor is very easy to repair and is very resistant to damage from my previous dealings with it. MULTIPLEX model kits are subject to constant quality checks throughout the production process, and we sincerely hope that you are completely satisfied with the contents of your kit. Discuss this article Printer-friendly version Ultrz articles by this author. Now that the motor is in place on the plane, install your prop funjwt, prop and spinner.

Multiplex FunJet Ultra Review

Chubbum We can trim it out. Just send the component to our Model Department, with adequate postage pre-paid. The provided hardware all appears to be of the high standards Multiplex are known for, and the decals are thick and very vibrantly colored. For those of you who have built a Multiplex kit before, there won’t be any surprises for you during the assembly of the FunJet Ultra.

Jurgen Heilig Registered User. Remember Me Forgot Password? We are constantly working on improving our models, and for this reason we must reserve the right to change the kit contents in terms of shape or dimensions of uptra, technology, materials and fittings, without prior notification.


Utlra 03, Roll out of the throttle once you are certain you will hit your touchdown point, and simply “fly the plane” to ground. Finishing the FunJet Ultra requires one to button up the installation of the decals, apply velcro to the floor of the fuselage for battery manal, set the models CG, and check the direction of the control surfaces travel and their throws.

Finally secure the completed motor assembly to the fuselage by screwing it into the black plastic mount on the rear of the fuselage.

Multiplex FunJet Ultra | HITEC RCD USA

Hi, How much does you Funjet Ultra weight? Please be sure to fill in the complaint form, duly completed. Repeat the process for the other wing half, and finish up your wing assembly by installing your control horns, pushrods and servo covers. The folks at Multiplex were kind enough to send along the suggested power system as well as two Hitec MG servos for my manuxl project.

That said, those of you with a bit less experience looking for something similar to the FunJet Ultra should have a quick look at the “regular” FunJet which this plane is based off of. Last but not least slip the self-aligning black motor mount into place on the rear of the fuse and glue it into place.