: Fundamentals of Computers: Table of contents Chapter 1. Understanding the Fundamentals of Computers: E. Balagurusamy zoom_in. Read FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTERS book reviews & author details and more at This item:FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTERS by E Balagurusamy. E Balagurusamy Object Oriented Programming With C++. PDF download. Download 1 file. E Balagurusamy Object Oriented Programming With.

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The CPU retrieves the instruction from the main memory of the computer system. New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Modern computer fundamentqls use bit data buses for data transfer. Computer Organisation and Architecture 3. The basic task of a scanning devices is to convert an image or the textual data into digital data, i.

SRAM uses a number of transistors to store a single bit of digital information. Commonly used optical recognition devices are: The voice recognition system only recognises the voice of the speaking person rather than what he speaks. The following are the main features of the digital camera: The optical recognition devices basically make use of optical scanner for inputting data.

Fund Of Computers – Balagurusamy – Google Books

Unlike hard copy, soft copy is not a permanent form of output. The quality of the pictures captured by a digital camera depends on the resolution factor. The resultant matrix is known as bit map and is displayed on cimputers screen. It is mostly used in video games and electronic dictionaries. They are high-speed memory locations used for holding instructions, data and intermediate results that are currently being processed.


Fundamentals of Computers – E. Balaguruswamy – Google Books

The resolution image of these scanners is very high, ranges form dpi to dpi. A flat disk that is covered with magnetic coating for holding information. Most popularly, the OMR devices are used for scanning the documents having multiple choices as in the question papers used in schools, colleges, etc.

The arithmetic operations can be addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. The display screens, which are available today, support many fonts and colors.

Located on the right side of the keyboard. The oc are the most popularly used media input devices: Microphone Webcam Graphics tablet. We can provide the input to a computer in coomputers ways: Most computers use a group of eight bits, known as a byte, to represent a character. Depending upon the form of output required, the output device may belong to one of the following categories: If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

The main task of an output device is to convert the machine readable information into human-readable from which may be in the form of text, graphics, audio or video.

Under this glass pane, there is xenon light and a CCD, which consists of an array of funfamentals, green and blue filters. Use liquid crystals technology to display the images.

Textbook E. Balagurusamy, Fundamentals of Computers, Mc Graw Hill.

An LCD monitor is small in size and light in weight so it occupies less space on the desk. However, it has a weak color quality as compared to a CRT monitor.

Use Ultra Large Scale Integration technology that allows almost ten million electronic components to be fabricated on one small chip.


These scanners are also known as film scanners as they can easily scan the original image of the film. This memory is mainly used in the memory cards of mobile phones, digital cameras and ipods for storing data. It maintains the sequence of operations being performed by the CPU. A very large computer Super Computers: These characters were arranged in a rectangular grid on the screen. The more the resolution computeds a digital camera, the better is the image quality.

Fundamentals of Computers

Instead, use balayurusamy semiconductor devices. It is the main memory of the computer system that stores the data temporarily and allows the data to be accessed in any order. The plotters were used as a substitute to the colored printers when the printers were very expensive and were also balagurjsamy capable of drawing bigger images such as graphs. PROM is reliable and stores the data permanently without making any change in it.

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PMT is used for identifying the light emitted by the weak signals. Magnetic tapes, magnetic disks, hard disks, floppy disks are examples of magnetic storage systems.

The Internet and World Wide Web. Can handle more data and more input and output than micro computers.

DRAM retains the data for a very short span of time, even after the power supply is switched off.