Gideon Frost is willing to do whatever it takes to earn enough money to save the printing shop that was left to him by his father. But when faced with the prospect. Buy a cheap copy of Frost Fair book by Erastes. “The research behind ‘Frost Fair’ is impressive indeed and the depiction of the winter carnival taking place on. In the first Frost Fair was held-although there’s not that much recorder evidence of it, . Thanks so much to Erastes for stopping by today.

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Frost Fair

A wise editor might have pointed this out and it could have been fixed with a sentence or two—and the ambiguity preserved—but it was not. She gave me a villain to really grind my teeth about, and two heroes to cheer for despite one’s stupid mistake and the other’s bad fortune. I enjoyed the realism here, dealing with real people with real jobs. Eratses the codpiece evolved, became padded, shaped to fit and as some clearly showed were frankly showing off- and obviously exaggerating.

Of course, being the ironic postmodern I am, I’ll take the time to complain about a few clearly very important probably actually minor details about the future: I have one tiny quibble and it comes near the end: I loved the character of Gideon and found it disturbing the things he had to do to keep his head above water. The only way Joshua can think of to approach Gideon safely is to give him a commission, and so he does. Fortunately, a wise-beyond-his-years chimney-sweep not as cliched as it sounds eventually showed up to do the slapping for me.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. While restructuring Speak Its NameI found myself on a horns frodt a dilemma, erases would like to throw the subject open to see what people think.

Why did the Thames freeze then and not now? Redfern’s character felt very shallow and the relationship between him and Frost felt really underdeveloped to It was okay.

No trivia or quizzes yet. You are commenting using your WordPress. Frost Fair Erastes No preview available – The story, while cold and bleak in some parts, is warm and hot in others and left me, as a reader, feeling completely fulfilled. The final Frost Fair lasted four days in February, ; it provides the backdrop and opening scenes for the book of the same name, authored by Erastes. The balls of the dancing kind and the silly So, it is and Gideon Frost is almost down to his last sou.

Loincloths might still be around roll on global warming but they have frosf found in burial sites on the bodies of men living over years ago. The characters and their motives were well done and well forst – out. Set against the background of a winter so cold that the river freezes and people set up stalls on the ice.

Dec 28, vLadimiR rated it it was amazing. So, what do you think? As for the characters they were totally believable and well developed,even though the story was a little shorter than most books I read she did a good job bringing the people to life. Anyways, I just needed something a bit erastws straightforward, and with tension, but still idylic and charming, especially after the last thing I read.


Redfern’s character felt very shallow and the relationship between him and Frost felt really underdeveloped to me. The hero is a printer by trade, and it is clear that the author knows I was delighted with this novel for several reasons.

Erastes | LibraryThing

Apr frowt, Cat rated it really liked it Shelves: Which is a bit of a cheat, imho. Tags about me activist: Of course if you had money, or a way to earn money within the prison walls, or kind friends and relations — anything was for sale inside the jail itself.

I hesitated about the rating for this book.

Scandal in society and noose in navy was risk to pay for that little affair. She is also the Publisher for Bristlecone Pine Press, an ebook publishing imprint and subsidiary of her business. Unspoken words were hanging in th Gideon Frost was man of honor and owner of little printing press shop.

It’s a quick read–too quick for how enjoyable it was.