Martha Nussbaum argues that we should be wary of these emotions because they are associated in troubling ways with a desire to hide from our humanity. Abstract. The title of Martha Nussbaum’s recent book From Disgust to Humanity: Sexual Orientation and Constitutional Law encapsulates well the book’s. DISGUST. TO. HUMANITY: SEXUAL. ORIENTATION. AND. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW by Martha C. Nussbaum, New York: Oxford. University Press, pp.

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Retrieved from ” https: Sex and Social Justice Martha C. She also identifies the ‘ wisdom of repugnance ‘ as advocated by Leon Kass nudsbaum another “politics of disgust” school of thought as it claims that disgust “in crucial cases Constitutional Personae Cass R. Furthermore, Nussbaum argues this “politics of disgust” has denied and continues to deny citizens humanity and equality before the law on no rational grounds and causes palpable social harms to the groups affected.

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In From Disgust to HumanityNussbaum aims her considerable intellectual firepower at the bulwark of opposition to gay equality: While [this book] would certainly provide a valuable read to students of constitutional law, this reviewer recommends it also to anyone who has observed with interest and would like to better understand the ebb and flow of progress apropos recent sexual orientation legislation in the United States.


Drawing upon her earlier work on the relationship between disgust and shame, Nussbaum notes that at various times, racismantisemitismand sexismnuesbaum all been driven by popular revulsion.

From Disgust to Humanity

The Politics of Consolation Christina Simko. In place of this “politics of disgust,” Nussbaum argues for the harm principle from John Stuart Mill as the proper basis for limiting individual liberties.

Disgust, Shame, and the Law; Cultivating Humanity: The Age of Deference David Rudenstine. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Her many books include Hiding from Humanity: Nussbaum believes that the politics of disgust must be confronted directly, for it contradicts the basic principle of the equality of all citizens under the law.

Nussbaum goes on to explicitly oppose the concept of a disgust-based morality as an appropriate guide for legislating.

This page was last edited maftha 23 Juneat Nussbaum notes that popular disgust has been used throughout history as a justification for nudsbaum. More Essential than Ever Stephen J. Philosophical Interventions Martha C.

Choose your country or region Close. Nussbaum presents a cogent and politically charged case against the unconstitutional legal arguments that have inhibited the privacy, marriage and full civil rights of gays and lesbians in the United States. The Chronicle of Higher Education.


From Disgust to Humanity – Martha C. Nussbaum – Oxford University Press

Anger and Forgiveness Martha C. She posits that the fundamental motivations of those advocating legal restrictions against gay and lesbian Americans is a “politics of disgust”.

Her book makes the most hard-and-fast case for the legalization of same-sex marriage Views Read Edit View history. These legal restrictions include blocking sexual orientation being protected under anti-discrimination laws, sodomy laws against consenting adults, constitutional bans against same-sex marriage, over-strict regulation of gay bathhouses, and bans on sex in public parks and public restrooms. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Incisive, rigorous, and deeply humane, From Disgust to Humanity is a stunning contribution to Oxford’s distinguished Inalienable Rights series.

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it.

When confronted with same-sex acts and relationships, she writes, they experience “a deep aversion akin to that inspired by bodily wastes, slimy insects, and spoiled food–and then cite that very reaction to justify a range of legal restrictions, from sodomy laws to bans on same-sex marriage.