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OBTW, keep your old gears when you return Bendix cores.

Therefore in the Fresno Air Terminal east of the city became the new municipal airport. I’ve airpartz push rods sold by them also and they obviously are poorly made bogus parts. In the Chandlers moved from their property into a residence at N. All times are Ffresno The fuel burn went from 4.

They have been a staple here in the Fresno area for decades. In contrast to the soft streamlined contours of the terminal building, the Bathroom and Electrical Control Buildings were designed in the harder linear style of the Art Deco. Vincenz was born in Enfield, Illinois, in and moved to Fresno in Becoming a registered user of ShortWingPipers. The modified C gets 4. It’s easy and you can then join the fun posting and learning about Short Wing Pipers!

A-1 Husky American Champion: I’ve been in this position myself this year and ended up going with a used half-time all the log books engine as my best way out. Not something I will ever forgive – they tried to kill us!

On 23 March Colonel and Mrs. I aitparts remember this. Also bought “Continental” pushrods that were bogus but so badly made that we sent them back. It CAN be rebuilt. Apparently the Chandlers had owned the land for some time, as the county atlas shows that the “Chandler Tract” was subdivided into forty-eight parcels. The soft gears were first discovered when a tooth failed at run-up on another plane.


Some years back they supplied soft Continental gears and foisted them off as new old stock real Continental. In my opinion, since this is not allowed by the Continental Manual, I elected to call my work: So the phone was working a airpartts days ago.

Continental E & E Archives – Fresno Airparts Co.

The terminal itself reflects the visual vocabulary of the Art Moderne or Streamline Moderne of the s. There are plenty of parts out there.

Pete Excellent post, Paul — thanks!! It runs like a top and is going through break-in right now. PA Super Cruiser Piper: My Other Plane Is A The Continental Overhaul Manual has a list as to what must be done to call what you are doing an overhaul.

Continental C75 & C85

If you replace the mags with Slicks, getting a kit with the gears already installed is the fresmo to go. He is a real gentleman and will take the time to make you smart. Put these guys in the same category with Wag Aero. Has anyone had trouble getting through to Fresno Airparts lately?

Continental A65, A75 & A80 Archives – Fresno Airparts Co.

The district includes the four WPA-era buildings, the non-contributing building and landscaping. Designs reflected the essential characteristic of all machines: I never had any damaged parts, but the Cam and Crankshaft usually get reworked or replaced. I tried to get my money back from Fresno but they lied to me over the phone and stiffed me. Edna Marie Chandler Criterion iiwho donated the land to freson city and whose name is still attached to the site.


Continental E185 & E225

But you can start another log book for the engine. The airport is associated with Senator Wilber and Mrs. Everyone who has flown the Cub with this engine has had a WOW experience! Ordered parts about two months ago. The field was dedicated in early November in front of a crowd of 10, Restoring an Old AF.

He was an early investor in the petroleum fields near Coalinga, operated a large vineyard on his Selma ranch, was a director of the First National Bank of Fresno, and was in business with fellow Progressive Dr. Commercial buildings such as the terminal incorporated soft or rounded streamlined corners, flat roofs, smooth walls devoid of decoration and horizontal lines or grooves in the walls.

The team approach to the airport design would also explain the variety of styles used in the various components. I have never had a problem with anything from Fresno.

Darrel, that doesn’t sound like Fresno Airparts. They only take phone orders and ship everything C.