Windows on the World: A Novel [Frederic Beigbeder] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A daring yet moving evocation of the last moments. Windows on the World debuted at #2 on the French national best-seller list and won the prestigious Prix Interalli prize in Now available in paperback, this. The only way to know what took place in the restaurant on the th Floor of the North Tower, World Trade Center on September 11th is to invent it.’Weav.

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Vincent Ravalec, Jacques A.

But how do I feel about it? Instead, he reminds us worlv the people who were affected that day, could have been anyone, anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, his parallel chapters, describing first how he writes in Paris, having breakfast day after day in a Windows on the World-like restaurant, then visiting New York and the site where the World Trade Center stood, are fairly engaging.

Windows on the World (novel) – Wikipedia

As they look through the windows later spotting the oddly low flying plane approaching Carsten tells his children about the tightrope walk between the towers in by Frenchman Philippe Petit: Perhaps because I couldn’t see the point of speaking of anything else. One of the reasons for the alternating chapters describing Beigbeder’s own experiences and thoughts, even if they are also reality-based, is to introduce an element of freedom and surprise: It’s far from the definitive “” novel, but as a first fumbling effort — consciously fumbling, because that’s the only way it could be approached — it’s not bad.

I did enjoy the book a lot more when I started skipping the chapters about the author’s life, though, because I really don’t see why they need to be there in the first place. Windows on the World – UK. I realise I have missed many good books on the subject. Now available in paperback, this unprecedented novel will once again astonish, provoke, and embrace the reader as it attempts to penetrate the unspeakable.


Beigbeder comes down firmly on the side of American culture but not politicsproclaiming rather implausibly in my personal view even the superiority of its literature, but strongly against its sense of chauvinism. Knee-jerk patriotism made windoas American press swagger about, censor our suffering, edit out shots of the jumpers, the photographs of those burn victims, the body in.

Five minutes after the first plane crashed into our tower, the tragedy was already a hostage to fortune in a media war.

Minute by minute

I felt, r One of the disadvantages of preoccupying yourself seriously with writing is that the techniques start to shine through the art of the text, and you are constantly taken out biegbeder the fictional world the writer is trying to embed you in. Windows on the World: And then there’s the couple that have sex in the tower Frederic Beigbeder’s novel is a minute-by-minute account – in two voices – of the time between the plane strike on the North Tower and its ultimate collapse.

Obsessed by the material, completely immersing windoas in it, he can pretend to himself that he believes this, but he isn’t entirely convincing. As for the cultural exception to American cultural hegemony that is France, contrary to what a recently dismissed CEO had to say, it is not dead: Looking at the range of reviews on this book prove this. If you want the book to have a bigger impact, i also suggest watching beigbder documentaries that can easily be found on youtube.


But even he draws the line at some points: In the novel’s odd-numbered chapters, he describes the last two hours in the life of David Carthew, a divorced New Yorker who is spending the day with his two sons, taking them for breakfast at the Windows on the World, the restaurant on the th floor. No trivia or quizzes yet. Upon graduation at the at the age of 24, began work as an advertising executive, author, broadcaster, publisher, and dilettante.

He’s drawing a lot of it from that. They were left to die in horrible torture and this most certainly is not fiction anymore.

Windows on the World

He decided it would be best to go deep philosophical rants about stuff that was most of the time irrelevant Moreover, the purportedly fictional main character starts to seem more and thr like an American double of Beigbeder. The only interesting subjects are the ones that are taboo. A realtor from Texas, he copies a quote from Kafka into his guidebook, calls himself an “autodidact”, and reassures his kids with “Benigni-style play-acting” — not exactly attributes an American author would have come up with.

And when a writer is dealing with personal feelings all bets are off on how the work will be accepted by the reader. Apr 10, Sandra rated it it was amazing. I recommend it to those not so light-hearted.