In the story of every great company and career, there is one defining moment when luck and skill collide. This book is about making that moment happen. Think Jar Collective and Frans Johansson have a conversation about creativity, intersectional thinking and Frans’ new book the ‘The click. Book review: The Click Moment, by Frans Johansson. Andrew Davidson enjoys a pithy look at how to germinate great ideas.

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Seizing opportunity in an unpredictable worldby Frans Johansson. Oct 21, Conrad Zero rated it it was amazing Johanssoon I enjoyed the first few chapters, but the information become rather redundant about half way through and seemed to drag on. Mar 31, Pages.

Johansson’s advice is not to try and manipulate these forces, but attempt to create a project that such forces can ‘hook onto’.

Mary Sherwin and David Sherwin. Use inter-sectional thinking -A case for spurring innovation by bringing people together across cultures, disciplines, personalities and for continually learning about ideas and areas of knowledge not necessarily related to your field or business.

Instead we want people to embrace their intuitive sense. Aug 30, Pages. I may track down his other book The Medici Effect: It can happen in an instant, when the various pathways of our lives come together in surprising ways and connect.


The author says that when the right combination of factors come together it may be a novice who benefits with phenomenal success, not necessarily the person who has dedicated themselves to thousands of hours of practice of the discipline. How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries which focuses nearly entirely on taking small incremental actions.

“The Click Moment”: Interview With Frans Johansson | The Creativity Post

One thing that is interesting today is that if you compare your twitter stream today to what it was say three years ago, it is more stream lined now. Therefore success is not easily duplicated by following a formula like you would in fixed games like chess or tennis, where the rules are clear and do not change.

I’ll be blogging about this book – excellent.

How valuable are strategies? The first is that success is random—far more random than we would like to believe. Aug 07, Pete Welter rated it really liked it.

Entrepreneurs will find much jhansson like in this book too, but much of it is part-and-parcel of the startup lifestyle and so isn’t quite as new. The rest of the book focuses on these chance situations and suggestions for making yourself or your business available for them.

Book review: The Click Moment, by Frans Johansson

This is the click moment. Published August 30th by Portfolio first published August 1st Click Moments is a great book that highlights our need to not overthink and “fix” desired outcomes. Push employees out of their bunkers to talk to others from different disciplines – via cafes in atriums, communal tue, regular social evenings – and see what pops up.


Refresh and try again. I enjoyed The Medici Effect: Apr 08, Phillip rated it really liked it Shelves: How do you increase frwns chance of serendipitous interactions happening?

Inspired by Your Browsing History. Moroz rated it ojhansson it. I really enjoyed reading this book, which inadvertently challenges Gladwell’s 10, hours “rule.

If we live in a random world with random chances of success then there are three things to focus on – create click moments, place purposeful bets, and harness complex forces.

The Click Moment

Or was Streisand naive to think her heavy-handed approach would go unnoticed? So where does that leave us?

Very good book about how randomness dictates success and what we can do to improve jhansson odds of harnessing it. Books by Frans Johansson.