Buy Fractal Time by Gregg Braden now! In his latest book, former senior computer systems designer and bestselling author Gregg Braden. Fractal Time (abridged audio book). The Gregg Braden Audio Collection*. Speaking the Lost Language of God. The Spontaneous Healing of Belief ( abridged. In this fascinating book, Gregg Braden merges the modern discoveries of nature’s patterns (fractals) with the ancient view of a cyclic universe. The result is a.

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In he became The First Technical Operations Manager for Cisco Systems, where he led the development of the global support team assuring the reliability of the internet in its early days. Parentilde, Roel and Laude, Jaime. Help Center Find new research papers in: My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Trying some of the exercises he has for the reader to apply his theories of pattern to ones own life I found myself stretching for conclusions.

Review of Fractal Time Book by Gregg Braden Explores the Year Secrets and the New World Age

Reversing the current trajectory of the world towards its own destruction is the ultimate message of the book, end of the world age or not.

Of course there were many good ideas and stories and I was thankful for the opportunity to peak into Gregg’s thoughts on our grgg for change. May 28, stormhawk rated it liked it.

This cosmic trek has been noted in several ancient records from several continents, and the first part of the book details information about how the date was ascertained. The thought that merely the position of the Earth within the galaxy creates powerful changes throughout the beginning and end of an age is both astounding and exhilarating.

Add the interval I1 to the original seed date to find the next repeat new seed date.

Fascinating to say the gdegg Nov 24, Alex rated it did not like it Shelves: Voting for the other brilliant candidates would mean scattering the votes and losing the majority.

But to those who “know” and are in touch with their spiritual side, this book is a MUST read.


Convert S1 to absolute date A1. The cycle of precession lasts 25, years, with 12 constellations of frsctal Zodiac, so roughly every 2, years, the equinox moves in front tiime a new Zodiac constellation. He takes this observation that’s obvious in the area of seasons and attempts to extend it down into the details of our lives and up to the march of our civilization, making the requisite caveat that this all speaks to potentialities but actual events are dependent on our choices.

In Exploring Fractal Time: Jan 05, Heather rated it it was amazing. But for those interested, this book has some unique and well presented ideas. We have all heard the truism that if you do not learn from history, you run the risk of repeating your mistakes, which farctal to nations, governments and individuals themselves.

Fractal Time Calculator

Our current globalization isn’t about making sure you come out on top; rather it’s figuring out how we all come out on top and working toward that end. Braden implored us to thank our ancestors for documenting what they found so we can prepare for what is about to come. Though I thought I knew a fractaal bit about from Gregg Braden’s other books, this one blew my mind! It reads like a PowerPoint presentation without the fancy graphics, frxctal my guess is that his live lectures have those visual aids.

Nautilus Book Award for Spirituality The world moves within a bigger and grander pattern of global, cosmic and galactic magnitude.

Can I get this book in LilongweMalawi? Predictions, Prophecies, and Possibilities. Instead let us proclaim the FQS as an epochal event the impact and validity of which pulsates ever more strongly in the bloodstream of the continuing national-democratic revolutionary struggle.

It is unsettling, shakes up your thinking. He was a former activist greggg forerunner of the First Quarter Storm. Nice and superb blog it help me a braddn thanks for There is evidence of healing work on For clarity, this essay will not expound on research presented in the book unless necessary to support the objectives already stated.

Nov 12, Shelly Newman rated it it was amazing. I tried out the Time Code calculator using events of my own life, as suggested, and certainly found some wild patterns. Choice Points, Gregg explores the concept of cyclical time through the philosophies of ancient and indigenous peoples from the Andes, Tibet, and Mesoamerica.


The rest can be said, is history. Refresh and try again. The momentous date in is not to be regarded as “the end of the world”. We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with all Sounds True products for one year when purchased via our website or catalog. December is when the earth will reach end of an oblique circling of the sun that has encompassed centuries.

Time Codes 12, 20, and 21 The repeating cycles and patterns of time are powerful. Still I feel like there is something there, not quite defined for a book written inand google searching many of his claims in the present day, with the exception of a cataclysm happening on December 21st, – which, to be fair, he said was unlikely – a lot of what he said would happen or was the case is supported by reputable sources.

Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age

Like do things really repeat forever in your life, or can you work your way out of a repeating pattern? We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. A friend who visited our home two weeks ago, mentioned “Fractal Time” as a must-read.

Other editions – View all Fractal Time: Rather b focusing on end time theories, Braden explores the idea of Time Codes and Choice Points by using mathematics for his calculations and how they may relate to life and planetary cycles. And how do you know if bracen event that you remember wasn’t a reoccurrence already and then miscalculate the next occurrence.

I find it more a remarkable mystery that the ancient astronomers and astrologers were able to cractal this movement of the earth—a vast cyclical trek that modern scientists, with computers, space telescopes, and so on, are just now comprehending.