FORM 77-043 PDF

Enclosed please find the revised Certificate for Interstate Movement of Small Animals (Form ). This form is for interstate movement use. USE FEDERAL FORM (APHIS Form ) FOR FOREIGN SHIPMENTS. Consignor or Owner: Last Name ) FOR FOREIGN SHIPMENTS. ( Rev. Over the last year, reports of problems with Certificates for Interstate Movement of Small. Animals (Form ) originating in California have increased.

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International Health Certificate ? | Yahoo Answers

My pet dogs need this certificate to travel from Canada to El Salvador as they will have to cross the US and Mexican borders on the way. The Mexican authorities have the right to detain you until such time as you have settled the cost for the damages you may have caused during an accident.

Any pets younger than three months will not be allowed to enter Mexico. You have probably heard that it is illegal to drive in Mexico with car insurance, and that rumor is absolutely true.

Fodm, in particular, have a tendency to wander off.

Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Copyright – Form 77 required for Pets Form 77 Required for Pets Entering Mexico While the regulations requiring a Pet Certificate of Good Health have been on the books for quite some time, in practice they were not readily enforced.


Im looking for a female Pomeranian for 77-0443 Male stud? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Dogs, in particular, have a tendency to wander off.

Try to limit contact of form 77 dog or cat with other animals during your trip. My dog just tried to cover my bearded dragon up with my blanket 777-043 my bed by nudging the blanket his way repeatedly. This is no longer form 77 Get A Quote in one minute or less: International Health Certificate ?

From everything I have read, pets entering Mexico must have an International Health Certificate form completed by a certified vet. The recommended vaccination for your cat includes those against panleukopenia, rhinovirus and calicivirus.

International Health Certificate 77-043?

If you still have not a Mexican insurance policy then you can go to this URL. I have a 5 month old Rottweiler and he won t stop pooping in the house? Vaccinations against leptospirosis and hepatitis for your dog is recommended, however it is not a requirement. While many of Mexican practices are similar with the US Christmas celebration, a few traditions on Christmas are typically done in Mexico — one of these is Posada.

Your vet should also issue you with proof of vaccination against rabies and distemper. The Mexican Consulate stipulates that pet owners need to have an International Certificate of Good Health, along with proof of vaccination when they enter Mexico. Try to limit contact of your dog or cat with other animals during your trip.


He claimed to have visited Mexico over a dozen times without a cover.

Taking Your Pet On Vacation To Mexico

Your email address will not be published. Answer Questions Labrador Retriever both ears are swollen? If you are going on a trip to Mexico and you wish to take your pet with you, there are certain foorm that apply. Most people hate leaving their pets with a relative or in a boarding kennel when they go on holiday.

You will have to endure the same procedure when you return to the U. Make sure you have obtained all the necessary fogm for your trip to Mexico. Where can I download this form as my veterinarian doesn’t have them. You need to obtain two vital documents if you take your pet to Mexico with you.

If you still have not a Mexican insurance policy then you can go to this URL. Call the Canadian Border Patrol. You may want to have fun with your pet while you are frm vacation, but you should take care to keep a close watch on them while you are in Mexico.

Nothing can be more typical about Mexican living than going to open air markets.