The FOCCUS is **not **a test, it’s an instrument. The instrument does not have right or wrong answers. Being honest is essential in whether or. We’re taking the Foccuss prep test this Saturday and I’m really nervous! Should I be?! Help!. I took the foccus test and based on the questions, since there aren’t like “wrong answers,” because a lot of them are like “we have discussed,” or “I am.

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Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Notify me of new comments via email. August 19, at 7: Groomy and I already know that about each other because we have lived together for so long.

These were in a bar graph showing percentages and there are asterisk in each sections so the more asterisk you get the better. I have them some where.

Brides Helping Brides ™ – FOCUS test questions for us non Catholic girls.. | LIWeddings

A D U 7 There are certain behaviors or habits in my future spouse that sometimes annoy me. October We get our resuts tonight. And in no way will I tolerate their pushing religion on my kids, when we have any.

He never said anything, so one can only assume all was reasonably well…. Jac December 17, at 2: Sign up with Google. Some are difficult to understand. This includes attitudes and expectations about money, sex, communication, household roles, etc.

We’re taking ours next weekend, and I’m curious — what’s it like? If your answers were completely different it probably does mean you and your Fiance have a lot of talking to do about issues that will affect your lives as a couple, cause you probably have very different ways of approaching things.


I really feel like the victim in all this, to be completely honest. August 18, at 9: They asked each of us directly if we planned to bring our kids up Catholic.

It was kind of fascinating to see the mix of the mundane and quetions profound. February edited December Miss Lilac 8 years ago Wedding: May no way.


August sig challenge: My future spouse and I have discussed different traditions that we like. Apparently these issues they told you to bring up are like the biggest dealbreakers. We went over our results with our mentor couple. The only thing I did that I am not proud of was during the ceremony itself.

Report 0 Reply to Post. I just have the priest and chruch set.

Sorry have to vent. A couple of things in addition to questiohs the others have said. We also figured that a lot of the experience probably depends on who the couple is that facilitates the assessment; our couple was nice and we never felt that they forced anything on us or overstepped boundaries. Emphasizing these aspects of the relationship allows a great diversity of patterns and messages to emerge and tailors the inventory not only to the couple, but also to their specific cultural background s and setting.

Now you have huge conversation points to discuss. Already have an Account? I laughed out loud at some of the questions. The Deacon administered our test.


We FAILED Foccus.

FI almost told the priest that I’m a drug addict or something sooo not true, but kind questinos funny! A self-scoring process compares the couple’s answers to each other and to the inventory’s preferred responses. After it was all said fpccus done, the couple that we had been assigned to asked us what we thought of the test: It was just a conversation starter for me and FI! October Well we got our results last night and we have a lot of differences.

Maybe see if you can take it online?

We have discussed the ways our families solved problems and how this may affect our problem solving. I will try and and find them. So my “interpretation” was a total bust too. Notify me of new comments via email. We also agreed that, as I just said, the majority of the assessment covers important topics that apply to nearly everyone; it would probably be a good guide for topics and discussions, regardless of religion.

We do not share our email database with any marketers or third parties. FOCCUS Facilitators are trained to encourage each partner’s private reflection, as well as the couple’s shared discussion regarding the items and topics on the inventory. When I took it, it was a long test of questions regarding your relationship and your voccus marriage. October Thank you Mrs.