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Page Verify that the delay difference between the two displayed signals is less than 0. The digital multimeter and oscilloscope are not required for this test.

Page The oscilloscope must be capable of displaying signal amplitudes that are larger than the screen. Every attenuator basically consists of four sections. Before purchasing or ordering replacement parts, check the parts list for value, tolerance, rating and description.

The output signal is voltage and is applied to the vertical deflection plates of the CRT. Verify that the jitter of the DTB is not more than 0. There is a certain instability in the starting point, the so called jitter, of the DTB.

  ISO 8536-4 PDF

Fluke PM3082 Service Manual

Biasing current for these outputs is provided via V, V and R Comments to this Manuals Your Name. As input signals are used the output signals at pin 7 and 3 of N For installation, reverse the sequence. All circuit boards removed from the instrument must be adequately protected against damage, and all normal precautions regarding the use of tools must be observed. The option is factory-installable only.

Each data block sent by the microprocessor is preceeded by an address on which the device can respond.

PM User Manual – PM Oscilloscope from Fluke

Within 2 minutes the instrument automatically does its main calibrations. Use the internal termination when available. CHIP Sensitivity MHz 1.

Repeat the above settings and procedure for CH3 and CH4. The IEEE connector is located at the rear panel of the oscilloscope. Use the internal termination when avaialble. This eliminates calibration inaccuracies due to temperature changes.

Oscilloscope 100 MHz PM3082

This delay is verified in the following test. Apply a video signal to input CH1 with an amplitude of about 1V synchronization pulse The value of this shift is measured here.

The unit A1 fluks is split into the following chapters: Refer to chapter 8. The following voltages are allowed: Synchronization is achieved via SCL.


Fluke PM Oscilloscope 4 Channels mhz No Cable | eBay

Apparatus should be properly grounded through the protective ground conductor of the power cord. Circuit diagram of Y-out unit Some of these voltages remain some time after disconnecting the instrument from the mains. The output circuits are protected against overload by the under voltage protection. The knobs have an integrated shaft and fixing device. An important part of the power supply is directly connected to the mains.

Adjust the input signal to an amplitude of exactly 6 divisions. Rough handling or scratching can cause the CRT to implode. Components which are important for the safety of the instrument may only be replaced by components obtained through your local FLUKE organisation. Verify that the deviation from the pm0382 straight line does not exceed 0.

On this unit there are parts that carry dangerous high voltages